Where are the 5 bells in Resident Evil village? Here’s the review

Hello, on this occasion, I will notify was 5 bells resident evil village. This puzzle occurred in Kastel Dumitrescu. You have to ring 5 bells to open the door to Mrs. Mistress Dimitrescu to go to the secret path behind him.

The 5 bells are in one room. Some of them you can find easily, but some hidden bells.

But you don’t need to worry, because by reading this article. I’m sure you will find it easily.

You also don’t need to rush to do it because you cannot ring the bell at once. Make sure the bells you hit with a knife or bell you shoot light a fire. Therefore, it means you have shot right on target.

Alright, without lingering, I will show you what you have to do when in Dimitrescu castle.

5 Bells Resident Evil Village in Kastel Dumitrescu

Break the glass cabinet to get the ammunition; after that, proceed with the search.

the glass cabinet to get the ammunition

Bells are above a sizeable front cabinet. Shoot the bell until it turns on the fire

2nd bell near the sculpture and turtle,

5 bells in Resident Evil village

While the 3rd bell, you can find it on the window, Let the wheel move until there is room to shoot a bell, (see the picture above)

As for the 4th, you have to climb the stairs on the left side. Then look out the glass window on the other side. Shoot the window. The glass will break, you will see the bell.

5rd bell, He is on top of the candlestick. You have to shoot candlesticks, move and swing, see the bell, and please shoot him.

Where are the 5 bells in Resident Evil village

After you shoot all five bells, everything will ring together. The secret door hidden in the paintings of the Demotresqu woman’s head will open.

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That’s how to find 5 bells Resident Evil Village. Hopefully, you understand what I say.

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