Bullet Echo Hero Tier List New Update 2021

Bullet echo tier list 2021

Bullet Echo tier list – Bullet Echo gives a different battle royale atmosphere. On the one hand, it has the same gameplay as other battle royales. Like you have to survive until the end of the game.

In some elements, Bullet Echo is not the same as other battle royale games.

Differences Bullet Echo with Other Battle Royale Games

This game focus on sound

Bullet Echo uses the point of view from above. Dark map view. Each player can only see clearly at the other player’s character. Around dark characters. We can only hear the sound of enemy footsteps and gunshots.

Fast fight

Bullet Echo can be played in less than 10 minutes. Because each player can shoot each other without the need to aim. Each fight has only 15 players.

Hero and equipment system

In the Bullet Echo game, each player chooses a character. Each character has different weapons and powers.
There are characters that can disappear in a limited time, some can remove shields, and some can find enemy positions.

You can also attach equipment to characters that can increase skills such as longer visibility, faster reloading, and fast walking.

Each player can increase the level and tier of the character to win against the enemy.

The following is Bullet Echo Hero Tier List (Post Grenade + Rocket BUFF and Thermal NERF) v3.11

The best characters in this article are our best characters from Reddit. As a place to get good at Bullet Echo. This list will tell you about each character’s abilities.


  • Power: 135
  • Health: 100
  • Damage: 285
  • Armour: 200


  • Power: 135
  • Health: 100
  • Damage: 43
  • Armour: 100

Raven has a unique skill. Unreliable for long range combat. His body is small, his strength is weak. But he was able to detect the enemy from afar. He is a very good hero for sneaking.

For players, who like tactical games. Who likes to kill enemies from behind. Then this is a hero you can rely on.


  • Power: 145
  • Health: 288
  • Damage: 23
  • Armour: 550

This is a Hero that has a solid layer of health and armor. Hard to beat at close range due to his shield-making abilities. Protect himself from the front.

It can also be used as a strong fortress. Big body, and slow motion.

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  • Power: 145
  • Health: 192
  • Damage: 52
  • Armour: 220


874 / 5000

Hasil terjemahan

  • Power: 155
  • Health: 330
  • Damage: 126
  • Armour: 60

This is the favorite Hero of Bullet Echo players. He has long-range shooting skills equipped with high-speed weapons. Able to kill enemies quickly and unexpectedly.

Firefly Gameplay

His skills are fighting at a distance, keeping his distance from the enemy. A good position for this hero is to stay behind. In addition to weapons, he has grenades that can kill several people at once.

The last thing that can be told in this bullet echo tier list article is. This game can be played on Android and iOS

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