Can You Download Discovery plus on PS4? Find the answer and how to do

Can You Download Discovery plus on PS4? Maybe this is the information you’ve been waiting for, how to watch or use Discovery Plus on the PS4 console. In this article, you will be able to install and monitor the content found on Discovery Plus on PS4.

But before continuing, let’s see what Discover Plus is

What is Discovery Plus?

You must already know Discovery Plus, but there’s nothing wrong with taking this opportunity. I also present an initial introduction to what Discovery Plus is?

This app serves as a very powerful online streaming tool. Developed by Discover.Inc. This application presents 55,000 episode series. TV broadcasts, 2,500+ breaking news titles. And interesting content that you don’t want to miss. With this interesting content, you can enjoy it by buying a subscription package of $4.99/month and $6.99/month.

Can You Download Discovery plus on PS4

This is the question that many people or game console users ask, especially the PS4. Can use this Discovery Plus on PS4.

Suppose that’s what you’re asking. You can try the tricks that we will give you.

Install and watch Discovery plus on PS4.

1. Connect PS4 Console with Smart TV using the internet,
2. Once connected, on the main menu, go to the Playstation Store and select the Applications section.

can you download discovery plus on ps4

3. Then look for the Discovery Plus app
4. Then download and install the application.
5. After that, you must enter the Discovery Plus application and log in.
6. If successful, you can start watching content in the Discover plus application on PS4.

Use Streaming Discovery Plus on PS4 via PS Remote Play

If you don’t find the Discovery Plus app in the PS4 default app store, you can try this method to enjoy Discovery Plus on Playstation 4 via PS Remote Play.

1. Connect PS4 and Smart TV plug to a power socket and connect with internet.

2. Switch to Remote Play from Remote Play connection settings in Settings.

Can You Download Discovery plus on PS4

3. After that, you need to activate your PS4 from Account Management in PS4 Settings.

4. Turn your PS4 on to make it available in Rest Mode from the Power saving settings and tick the checkbox on that screen.

5. Next, you’ll need to link your phone to the same internet that the PS4 has.

6. Start installing the Discovery Plus and PS Remote Play apps on your Smartphone.

7. Do the login process on Discovery Plus with the credentials and for PS Remote Play with the PS4 credentials.

8. Finally, combine your PS4 and Smartphone with PS Remote Play and watch Discovery Plus app content on PS4.

We share on this occasion two ways to download Discovery plus on PS4. The two methods that we share, you can choose one of them. Please practice. So if you ask to get download discovery plus on ps4, then this is the answer. You can ask questions in the comments column. Thank you!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does a Discovery Plus Subscription Cost?

As we mentioned earlier. That subscription costs $4.99/month for content that has ads. And $6.99/month for Discovery plus no ads

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