How to Change Name In Clash of Clans 2021

how to change name in clash of clans

On this occasion, we will talk about how to change the name in clash of clans. As we know, this game is still in demand. It is proven that the number of people who download this game application on Playstore and on IOS continues to increase.

This game was launched several years ago. Although many similar strategy games have been published. But the popularity of Clash Of Clans or COC for short is no less competitive with the new ones.

This does not escape, from the expertise of Supercell as the developer of this game which continues to improve updates.

Coc Nama Rename Rules

For some reason, someone wants to change the name in clash of clans. However to change the name here. It cannot be done as desired. There are standard rules that every player must follow.

For example, to change the name for the first time, each player must have reached king level 4.

So far, it’s still free. But for the second and third time, we have to exchange it for gems.

For players who have a lot of money. This is not a problem. but what about those who have no money or are still beginners?

This article will summarize what players who want to change their name in Coc need to know but don’t have gems? Read the description!

Clash of Clans Game

Clash of Clans is a popular strategy category game in the play store. It was created by the Supercell Company.

You have to construct your village from the resources you gain by attacking villages built by other players using player fighting features.

Clash of the Clans is based on gold, elixir, as well as dark elixir. This game also gives you many defense options to defend the village you have made.

Clash of Clones is loved by many people. It is also a great strategy game. But, the common question that everyone wants to ask is, “Is it possible to change my Clash of Claws name?”

This article will discuss two methods to change your name within the Clash of Clans video game.

This is where the first method of changing your name is easiest. The second method can be used if your name has been changed once before in Clash of Clans.

If you wish to change the name or address of the village in COC then follow the below steps.

How To Change Name In Clash of Clans For Free Without Gems

You don’t need Gems to alter your name. All you have to do is send a message to Supercell Support Team. If they are friendly, they’ll change the name in your COC Village.

We tried this method and received an email from Supercell support after 5-6 days. They suggested that we change our old village name to the new one.

This is how you can change the name of Clash of Clans villages. Follow the steps below.

  • Open your Clash of Clans Game application, either via smartphone or via desktop
  • Then select and Open the Settings menu
  • Now select “Help and Support” and Tap the Search Icon
  • After that, scroll down a bit and press “Contact Us”
  • Now you will be redirected to your email app
  • now please write as needed.

For example: Hello, I want to change the name yEllow345 as the COC account name, to the name Red345. Because of the COC account name, I don’t like it

Thank you so much for your help!

Usually, they will respond or reply to emails and change your Coc name within 7 – 15 days.

How To Change Name In Clash of Clans First Time?

If you want to change the name. And this is the first time I want to change the name. Then the good news, you don’t have to pay gems for it.

Because the principle of changing the name of the COC is only allowed for one time. If you want to change the name a second time, then we need to wait more than 7 days. And renaming for these two requires 500 gems. After that, it took 1000 gems to rename again.

Remember, don’t use special characters like emoji in your name, as they won’t be visible after confirming the change.

How to change the name for the first time in clash of clans

  • First, Open the game Clash of Clans Game
  • Then Open the Settings window
  • After that, tap on “More Settings” then press the “Rename” button
  • Now enter your new name, as you wish
  • Tap Continue and re-enter your new name
  • Now again tap Continue,
  • Then type “CONFIRM” and press the OK button.

Change Your Name In COC 3rd Time

As already mentioned above. That to rename the second and third time in Coc we need gems or gems.

the number of gems for the second replacement is 500 while for the 3rd replacement it is 1000.

When you are ready for the fee then you can change the name up to three times.

For the steps, you can follow the guide on the first subtitle

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Finally, I hope you find the guide informative and helpful. It may also have helped to change your COC name.

You may not know this, but there are other ways for how to change the name of Clash of Clans.

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