How to Download Philo on my Samsung Smart TV

One of the frequently asked questions by Samsung Smart TV owners is how do I download Philo on my Samsung Smart TV? Well, that’s right, it’s an alternative to maximising the Samsung Smart TV that we have.

Because as we know, Philo is an application that provides streaming content for movies and interesting shows as needed. However, according to its use. Philo, can you be used, or we can install it via mobile devices such as Android.

You can install and install it through the Android you have. But the question is, is it possible to watch Philo shows on a Samsung Smart TV?

In this article, you will find a guide on installing or downloading Philo on a Samsung Smart TV. Of course, this is interesting information. Because you can watch premium content at a low cost on a wider screen, fit the TV screen together with friends and family at home.

What is Philo?

Philo is an online streaming program that relies on the internet as its distribution medium. More than 65 TV channels: A&E, AMC, Discovery Channel, Comedy Central, Sundance TV, Destination America, BBC World News, Lifetime, and Paramount Network.

You can also add TV channels for an additional cost of Epix for $6 per month and Starz for $9 as an add-on. In addition, there is unlimited DVR storage for 12 months.

How To Download Philo TV On Samsung Smart TV

Create a Philo TV Account

Please register the Philo application first through the Google Play store on Android. Or use the Appstore for your iPhone. After having an account there. You can enjoy this service for free for seven days.

Download Philo TV On Samsung Smart TV

Turn on your Samsung Smart TV. After that, on the initial screen. Please search and select the Google PlayStore application menu. By default, Google Playstore is available there. If not, you need to install the Google Platsore application first via Samsung’s default AppStore.

After Google Play opens, please type Philo in the search field, and click the Install button to install the Philo application on your Samsung Smart TV.

You must already know how to watch Philo TV?

Using Apple TV

Download Philo on Samsung Smart TV use Apple tv

First, the Apple TV device must be connected to the Samsung Smart TV. Turn on Apple TV using the directional keys (remote).

Navigate to the App Store, which can be found on the Apple TV Home page. Then go to search options and put Philo in the search box.

Then, click the Get button to start the Philo app installation on the Samsung TV connected to Apple.

Finally, go to the Philo website and sign up to watch your favourite channels.

How to watch Philo on a Samsung TV using a Roku device

Download Philo on my Samsung Smart TV with roku device

Connect the Roku cable to your Samsung Smart TV and turn it on to get started.

Now press the Home button on the Roku controls. Select the streaming channel area from the main home page.

Then, using the virtual keyboard, search for Philo in the search channel section. Select Philo from the search results and click the Add Channel button.

Once you’ve added Philo to your Roku streaming device, use the Open Channel button to launch the Philo app.
On the subscription page, highlight the $20/month payment. On a Samsung TV connected to a Roku, you can view 60+ Philo HD channels.

How to watch Philo on Samsung TV using Firestick

Initially, you have to connect the Firestick device to the back of your Samsung smart TV. To turn on the Amazon Firestick, turn it on.

Navigate to the hand lens icon on the first page. Most likely in the top left corner of your homepage.

Use the virtual keyboard to text as Philo. Download Philo once you find it in the search results.

The Philo app can then be launched by going to the Apps & Channels area. Use your phone number to log in. After that, you have to set up your Philo membership.

Once you’ve made your decision, click the subscribe button. Lastly, you can play videos and view them on your Samsung TV by walking inside the Philo app.

Philo TV On Chromecast (Non Smart TV)

Connect your Chromecast to the TV. (How to set up a Chromecast device)

Install the Google Home app on your Chromecast-enabled Android phone.

Open the Google Home app on your phone.
Stick to the instructions.

If you can’t find instructions for setting up your Chromecast, try these:
Tap Add + > Set up device > New device in the upper left corner of the Google Home app home screen.
Continue with the remaining steps.

Settings are going well. You’re done!

After completing the Chromecast process, you download the Philo app to your phone, and then you go to that app and go to the Philo account and Cast to Chromecast.

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Those are the instructions on downloading Philo on my Samsung smart tv. I hope this information is helpful! Thank you.

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