How to Overcome Stuck in Skyrim’s “Find A Way Deeper Into The Barrow” (Unearthed Quest)

Find A Way Deeper Into The Barrow

That “Find A Way Deeper Into The Barrow” objective will not be completed unless the door is opened.

If you play the game Skyrim and have the DLC Dragonborn, you will pass the side-quest mission called “Unearthed.” That happens when you run a task in the city of Solstheim.

After you carry out the mission and donate 1000 gold for the work of Ralis Sedarys, you are ordered to fight the Drafts in the Kolbjorn Barrow who killed the miners.

After you kill all the Drafts, there will be a stone door with no answer to the riddle and any key (not even a key chain).

This puzzle is elementary. But as a beginner, it might be challenging to solve the mystery. Because of its invisible position. Unlike the puzzles in other Skrym games.

How to Open the Door in the objective “Find A Way Deeper Into The Barrow.”

1. Find the skull on the table in the middle of the room!

2. Then take the skull (recommended), or you can also drag and throw it to the ground by pressing the (E) button. Take the reddish head on an altar in the middle of this room

find a way deeper into the barrow

3. Done! Then the door in front of you will open by itself

How to Overcome Stuck in Skyrim's "Find A Way Deeper Into The Barrow" (Unearthed Quest)

Then the puzzle or door puzzle will open, which makes this puzzle solved and makes the objective complete.

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