The Best guide to build Ruby Mobile Legends 2021, Let’s attack the enemy

Do you want to play Ruby in a Ranked Match? Check out the guide to build Ruby Mobile Legends through this article!

Ruby is a Fighter Hero of Mobile Legends with annoying crowd control capabilities, and also has an extremely high death steal percentage. Due to these two aspects, there are many who believe they think Ruby is the most irritating character in Mobile Legends.

For those who intend to make use of this hero, make sure you go through the guide and then make Ruby Mobile Legends. What are the most appropriate items to equip him with?

Guide to build Ruby Mobile Legends 2021

1. Items to Create Ruby Mobile Legends

The Best guide to build Ruby Mobile Legends 2021, Let's attack the enemy with a sickle

Magic Shoes

As a hero who depends heavily on his talents, Ruby must use Cooldown Reduction Enhancing items like Magic Shoes. This shoe can provide the additional benefit of reducing Cooldown by 10%, which is beneficial to Ruby when playing in the beginning.

There are alternatives to the shoes Ruby can put on including Warrior Boots or Tough Boots to protect herself.

Haas’s Claw

Ahas’s Claw It is one of the items that are not often used, and there aren’t many heroes that use this item anymore. But, it is the ideal item for Ruby because of its additional life steal and the massive Physical Attack. Furthermore to that, it also has an effect that passively provides Ruby with an additional 15% of life-span when her HP falls less than 50 per cent. In the presence of Haas’s Claw, Ruby will be difficult to kill since it will replenish her HP in a short time.

Endless Battle

In order that Ruby is able to do even more damage, she needs to purchase an item known as Endless Battle to increase status like Physical Attack, max HP Cooldown Reduction, movement speed and even life steal. The benefit for Ruby in Endless Battle is the additional life steal, which makes Ruby a vampire.

War Ax

War Ax is an extremely excellent item to use by Fighter heroes such as Ruby due to the boost in HP max Physical Attack, Cooldown reduction. War Ax also has a passive effect that increases physical attack up to 9 or Physical penetration up to 3 and a max of eight stacks.

Dominance Ice

In order to ensure that Ruby is more robust during battle, then you can make use of this item known as Dominance Ice to increase maximum mana physical armour and critical chance reduction and cooldown reduction. This really aids Ruby so that she can unleash her skills within a short period of time. Additionally that, this item has the ability to reduce the speed of attack and movement to opponents within Ruby.


Immortality is a resource that is believed to be very vital to Ruby as well. In addition to increasing Defense and HP, Immortality also has a passive resurrection that permits Ruby to come back from the dead.

2. Ruby Mobile Legends Emblem

Fighter Emblem Set

As a Fighter Naturally, Ruby should use a specific Fighter emblem since it enhances useful characteristics like physical attack, the ability to penetrate, physical defence and the maximum HP. To increase your abilities it is possible to use the upgrade provided below.

Tier 1 Talents: Bravery

For the talent of the first tier, Ruby can maximize the Bravery talent because this ability boosts the physical damage by four points for each level. This means that Ruby can gain more attack points during the beginning game, which will boost her damage output.

Tier 2 Talents: Invasion

Invasion is an extremely useful ability to maximize the damage that is caused by Ruby because it boosts the penetration of physical attacks by 2 points for each level. With this ability, Ruby can easily break through the opponent’s defences physically.

3. Talent Stage 3: Festival of Blood

In the selection of third-tier talent Festival of Blood is a talent extremely recommended Ruby as it boosts the Spell Vamp level, which makes Ruby more reliable when fighting in teams.

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3. Battle Spell Ruby Mobile Legends

guide to build Ruby Mobile Legends


Of the numerous options in Battle Spells available, Flicker is the best option for Ruby since it is able to be used for a variety of things including initiating combinations. Apart from being employed to pursue opponents, Flicker can also be employed to escape from enemies.

4. Combo Skill Ruby Mobile Legends

Be nice (1) sprint forward I’m offended (U) and Flicker Back to Don’t Run Wolf King! (2). This combination is an irritating combination for Ruby since you can easily kidnap people using the combination above.

So, that’s the discussion of the guide and the best Ruby Mobile Legends build by pspdemocenter.

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