Guitar hero world tour cheats ps2 unlock all songs

guitar hero world tour cheats ps2 unlock all songs

Whether you’re looking for a guitar hero world tour cheats PS2 unlock all songs. You come to the right place. This time, we will share it all. And how to use it?

The Guitar Hero World Tour game is very entertaining, you can become a musician in your room when playing it.

The most amazing thing about this game is the availability of cheat that you can use to open all song lists. So, you don’t need to worry and get bored with the song you always play.

You can open the song that you have never played before.

Guitar Hero World Tour Cheats PS2 Unlock All Songs

To get access to all songs on Guitar Hero World Tour, you need to enter the cheat menu on the Options menu, then, select Prompt to enter a new cheat, press blue, blue, red, green, green, blue, blue, yellow.

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That’s the Guitar Hero World Tour PS2 Unlock All songs. You can browse every song that works open. Have a good tim.

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