Dragon City : Gummy Dragon Breeding Combinations

Dragon City Gummy Dragon Breeding Combinations

One of the questions that dragon city players have is how to breed gummy dragons? If you have gems or special dragons, it’s not hard for you to get gummy dragons. However, the question is whether all players have gems. This time we will share the best information about gummy dragon breeding combinations.

The right combination of dragons will produce gummy dragons. But finding the right parents is not easy. Some of them need gems to get them.

But what we mentioned this. Can be valuable information. How to determine the breeding combination of gummy dragons? and How to get dragon parents?

although this is not easy. However, this is all you can do.

Gummy Dragon Breeding Combination.

The right combination is Double Electric + Nature or Double Nature + Electric Dragon.

With this combination, your chance to get a Gummy dragon is 50%.

Many players have proven this combination to get the gummy dragon.

But if you don’t find the two combinations. You can use Stressed Dragon as its parent.

if you do not find the combination above!

Here’s how to breed gummy dragons.

  1. at level 4-9 breed Nature Dragon & Terra Dragon
    Use this dragon to produce a tropical Dragon. It might take some time. If you don’t get in the first generation. Do it again, this is common in 2-3 generations.
  2. You can also, raise electric Dragon and fire dragon up to level 20+.
    It can produce Hot Metal Dragon. Testing on the first, second and third generations. You will have it.
  3. Now level up the Tropical Dragon and Hot Flame Dragon to Level 4-9
    After that, you can create gummy dragon breeding combinations. It may take a few tries to get the Gummy Dragon. But this is one way to find them without gems and without the seasonal special dragons.

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That’s all we can share about Dragon City Gummy Dragon breeding combinations. Hopefully this article, can be useful information. Greetings Dragon City.

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