Google Photos Backup: How to Backup Photos On Google Photos

Photos and videos can’t be separated from smartphones today. Even non-stylists won’t be able to resist taking pictures and videos with their smartphones. Smartphones now come with sophisticated cameras that can take photos or videos. The results are extremely satisfying.

It’s a shame to delete good photos. This is where backups of photos really come in handy.

Google Photos Function

The latest Android version already offers a Google Photos menu. This has made it the default Android app. However, iPhone users can still use iCloud Google Photos.

It will be discussed later in the article how to backup photos using Google Photos IOS.

Before we continue, let’s first. You need to understand several reasons why you should enable Google Photos.

Because Android users. This application may be deleted at times or you might even wish to remove it. It claims it only adds memory space. It claimed it was ineffective. This is exactly where Google Photos comes in.

  • Can you save photos while changing your smartphone device?
  • When your phone is damaged or lost, you can save photos.
  • It is unnecessary to send photos one at a time which can take a lot of time.
  • You can free up memory space
  • Can perform automatic backups
  • You can share the device with other accounts, or save it back to your own device.
  • You can always access it whenever you like.

How to Back Up Photos in Google Photos

It’s very easy and simple. It is possible to just use it. You will also need to read the instructions.

Backup photos to Google Photos is possible in principle. However, technical steps will vary depending on the OS and device specifications. It’s basically the same.

After a backup has been completed, you can sync the app across devices. You can also use it to delete any images from your device.

Google photos for Android

As we mentioned, most Androids at this point have Google Photos set as their default app. Similar to the one found on Android VIVO.

To backup photos, you don’t need the Google Photos app. For those who don’t have the app, you can download it first from the Google Play Store.

How to Backup Photos On Google Photos

After installing Google Photos, you will be asked permission to backup your folders online. The app will automatically backup the folders you choose. It does not delete backed-up photos.

You can also delete photos from the backup if you wish. Select the profile, then choose the Free Storage menu. This will give you storage space. You won’t have to lose your photos.

How to determine if a photo is in Google Photos

Before you delete photos or videos from your device, make sure the backup process was successful. Google Photos might display images on the device, but they haven’t been fully saved through Google’s servers.

Also, ensure that the photos are fully backed up.

  • Open the Google Photos app
  • Click the profile icon at the upper right corner.
  • Pay attention to the menu. If this is the case, it means that the backup process has completed. You can delete any photos or videos already on the device.

Settings: What You Need to Know

You’re almost there. You already know how to backup photos using Google Photos only for Android.

Last but not least, the settings. You may need to be familiar with some features in order to maximize Google Photos’ ability to back up your photos as necessary.

  • Open the app and tap the Photo Settings menu. Next, select Profile.
  • We will be looking at menu items later.
  • The top 2 menus are the most important. Namely, Backup & Sync and Free Storage.
  • You can select upload size, mobile data usage, and backup device folders from the Backup & Sync menu.
  • Upload Size: You can choose whether the image is identical to the original or compress it. This will save storage space but result in a lower quality image.
  • Cellular Data Usage: If you don’t want to backup photos or videos using cell data, then select None. This will allow us to backup 5-10 MB per day, 30 MB per day or unlimited in a single day.
  • Google Photos will create a backup device folder based on the folder that was created from your device. Now activate the folder.

Backup Photos to Google Photos From IOS

IOS does have its own icloud. Google Photos is also available. Perhaps you have an Android device. This is the easiest method to share files via Google Photos without having to transfer files.

  • Similar to Android. Also, you will need to first install Google Photos through the appstore.
  • The application will ask you permission to view the photos that you wish to back up. Give permission
  • You can see the ongoing photo backup process in the profile menu as a ring.
  • To turn off automatic sync you will need to open the app and choose “Menu> Settings > Backup and Sync”. You can then tap or tap the button to toggle it on/off.


Can I transfer my photos from one Google account into another?

This is possible easily. You can also share your account with others. You can find out more about how to transfer Google photos to an account.

How can I retrieve my photo from Google Photos

The best thing about backing up photos to Google Photos is the ability to take them and then use them whenever we want. Open the app, search for the photo you wish to take, then click the share icon to share it.

Does Google Photos cost money?

Every Google account owner gets 15GB free storage space. We will also be charged $1.99/mo to upgrade our 100GB storage, $2.99/month to 200GB storage, and $9.99/mo to store 1TB.

This is the review the author can share about Google photo backup or How to Backup Photos On Google Photos. The same applies to application settings that must be known. Also, see how to backup photos and videos to Google Drive.

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