How to Delete Voicemail on Android Via File Manager

How to Delete Voicemail on Android Via File Manager

If you are thinking about how to delete voicemail android without app installation, the good news is it is not so difficult. Let’s start by describing precisely how voicemail functions. When you get a call on your mobile phone, the device records the contact number and uploads it into your own personal account. You can either save the voicemail to your profile for listening later, or you could delete it from your account as well.

Thus, what type of measures do you have to delete voicemail from an Android smartphone? The actual procedure to delete voicemail from Android might differ in different Android phones. Some telephones have a built-in visual voicemail application, while in others, you merely need to experience the typical telephone dialer program to get into your voicemails. Regardless, of which kind of software your cellphone gets, there are steps you can take to recover your deleted voicemails as soon as you’ve deleted them in the mobile phone.

Delete voicemail on android via File Manager

So if you are asking how to do voicemail messages on android. It’s the same when we delete text messages. Just press and hold on to the voicemail, until the option or trash icon appears. Click the icon to delete the voicemail.

If the question is the voicemail stored on the phone memory. So all we have to do is find the location of the voicemail file.

For Example : Delete WhatsApp voicemail via a file manager

Apart from being able to send text messages, WhatsApp can also send voice messages.

This message can be deleted via the chat column on the WhatsApp application. However, delete such messages. Sound files remain in the phone memory.

Then, you need to open the file manager and look for the sound file.

  • If it’s a WA voice message, then open the Local Files,
  • Open the WhatsApp folder,
  • Media,
  • Whatsapp Voice Notes
  • Several folders will appear,
  • Please select the voice to be deleted

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That’s how to delete incoming voicemails on an android phone. Especially for messages that enter the whatsapp application.

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