How to Dodge a Punch in GTA 5 on PC

how to dodge a punch in GTA 5

How to dodge a punch in GTA 5 on PC . Maybe this is one of the questions for those who have just played this game. Avoiding blows is a must because, in this GTA game, not all battles only rely on weapons.
Some scenes require you to do close combat. Therefore, in addition to how to hit and beat your opponent quickly. You also need to know how to dodge hits in GTA.

Are you using Game Console or something else? You will find out through this article.

How to Dodge a Punch in GTA 5

To avoid the opponent’s blow. You have to know the keys to do that. The button to dodge is right-clicked + Space when you play using the keyboard.

On some PCs, sometimes also do not use right click. Just press the Space button, the same as jumping when you’re not fighting.
When you’re fighting, the Space button functions to dodge.

That’s what we can share on this occasion about how to avoid hitting in GTA 5

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