How to Download League of Legends on Chromebook

how to download league of legends on chromebook

No wonder if you are using a Linux device or ChromeOS, which is a Chromebook operating system. You will find it difficult to play League of Legends on these devices. Because at this time, this strategy game only supports and runs smoothly on devices with Windows and macOS operating systems. But you don’t need to panic. Because on this occasion, we will give you a trick that you can join to play and download League of legends on Chromebook.

To download the LoL game on this Chromebook, we provide a way to Install and Run League of Legends with Wine because you can also download LoL games on your Chromebook with the Snap package manager.

But here, we only show you one method to play League of Legends on Chromebook: install it with Wine.

Enable Linux on Chromebook

You must first activate Linux (beta) on your Chromebook to properly follow this guide. This feature is already available on the latest Chromebooks. It allows you to run Debian virtual machine smoothly.

The method :
Open Settings from the System Tray menu. Click “Linux (Beta)” in the menu to the left of the “Settings” menu and then click “Turn on.”

Click “Install.”

a Terminal window will open when the installation is complete.

Click on the “Launcher icon” and “Application launcher.” You will see a “Linux Apps” folder where all your installed Linux apps will appear here

Launch Terminal from Linux Application.

Before installing GIMP, let’s update the Linux repository database. Enter the following command and hit enter.

sudo apt update

upgrade your Linux system by entering the following command:

sudo apt upgrade

Watch progress in Terminal and make sure to enter ‘y’ when prompted.

how to download league of legends on chromebook

Use the command sudo apt to install the application. So, enter the following command to download and install GIMP. You must enter ‘y’ when prompted.

sudo apt install gimp
how to download league of legends on chromebook

Once the installation is complete, close the Terminal and return to the Linux application folder. You should see the GNU Image Manipulation Program (GIMP) in the Linux application folder if all goes well.

Linux is ready,

How to download League of legends on Chromebook With Wine

Update your system and install Wine with the command below:

sudo apt update 
sudo apt install wine
how to download League of legends on Chromebook

You can also add support for 32-Bit applications b running the below command on your Terminal.

sudo dpkg --add-architecture i386
sudo apt update
sudo apt-get install wine32

To confirm and ensure that Wine is installed successfully, run the command below in Terminal.


That will open the Wine configuration window. Here, you can set several options: Audio, Graphics, and even the version of Windows you want to emulate. Close the window when finished.

After successfully installing Wine, we can now download the League of Legends Windows setup file from their official site. You must create an account first before downloading the setup file.

Rename the setup file to something easy to remember, like “LeagueOfLegends.exe” and move the file to your Linux Files directory.

In your Terminal, run the ls command and make sure you see the League of Legends setup file that you moved to the Linux Files directory. Now, run the command below to launch the setup file with Wine.

WINEARCH=win64 WINEPREFIX="/home/chromeready/.wine64/" wine LeagueOfLegends.exe

You will see the Riot Games installation window and the option to install League of Legends. Click Install.

install League of Legends on Chromebook

If this window hangs after downloading and copying the required files, close and launch the setup file again with the same command below.

WINEARCH=win64 WINEPREFIX="/home/chromeready/.wine64/" wine LeagueOfLegends.exe

Next, you will see the main installation window with the Login/Create Account section. Click Install. Depending on your internet speed, this step may take some time as the setup will download and install a file size of about 2 GB.

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After completing the installation process, you can start playing if the launcher is still open. If you close the launcher, navigate to the ‘Linux Apps’ section of your apps menu and launch the game.

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