How to Download Starz on Vizio TV

how to download starz on vizio tv

Suppose you want to run the Starz application on Vizio TV. In that case, you must make sure that the application is already available on the Vizio Smart TV if the Starz application does not appear in the list of applications there. Then you have to download the application first. On this occasion, I will tell you how to download Starz on Vizio TV.

What is Starz App?

An application that you can use to download shows and movies on Vizio TV, which you can then watch at a later time even if you are not connected to the internet. Anytime, and anywhere.
But before using it, you must subscribe to the application first.

There is a trial package that you can use for free for seven days in this application.

Starz subscription package price

The premium or subscription package from Starz gives you access to unlimited Starz content that you can access easily and at no additional cost. According to the service provider, Starz subscription packages vary and the cable chosen. Different providers offer different packages. Subscription packages can be found at $ 8.99 per month.

How to Download Starz on Vizio Smart TV

If the Starz application does not appear, you need to install the application. But before that, you must be connected to the internet. After that,

  1. select the V button on the Vizio TV remote.
  2. The application category will appear. Latest featured and all apps, choose one.
  3. Find and select the Starz application, press OK. then Install
  4. After successfully installed,
  5. Use the remote to select and play shows from your Vizio smart TV.

In addition, you can also play content or applications that are on other devices such as your smartphone, computer or tablet. You can follow these steps if you don’t know yet.

How to connect other devices to Vizio TV.

This feature is called Chromecast, which is a default TV. Please open the Starz application and select the Cast icon.

Select the device you want to connect to.

Once connected, you can play content on your smartphone, computer or other devices on your Vizio Smart TV.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get the Starz app for Free?

Yes, you can. You can try using premium applications to access unlimited content for free by joining the 7-day trial program for new users.

That’s what we can share about How To Install Apps or how to download Starz application on a Vizio Smart TV.

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