How to Get Field Boss Cards in Lost Ark

How to Get Field Boss Cards in Lost Ark – As a new mechanic in Lost Ark, collection cards were introduced this year. These cards can be obtained by completing quests, and other activities. You can build a deck/book of cards that will increase your character’s level. When equipped, you’ll also receive buffs and passive bonuses. Field Boss cards are one of the most sought-after cards in the game. How and where can you find these cards?

Lost Ark has a lot of great ways to customize and upgrade your character. Card sets are a great way to enhance your character’s abilities. Field Boss cards are one of the most common card sets in this game. This article will explain how to obtain Field Boss Cards in Lost Ark.

How to get Field Boss Cards & Rewards

You can find two different sets Field Boss cards in Lost Ark. These are field boss I and field boss II. To get the cards, you must defeat certain bosses. Below is a list of all bosses in the game and their locations.

Field Boss I

This set of cards contains ten different boss cards. These cards can only be obtained if you defeat the bosses listed below in the respective regions.

1Chaotic ChuoCentre of Spring of Echoes in Melody Forest, Anikka
2ProximaWest of Vernese Road in Vernese Forest, North Vern
3VelkanNorth of Crowbelly Guich in Totrich, Arthetine
4SignatusNorth of the Hoverboard Testing site in Scraplands, Arthetine
5CaspielNortheast of the Rocky Forest hill in Skyreach Steppe, Tortoyk
6Wili-Wili Top of Sunbright Hill, East Luterra
7RovlenGreyhammer mine in Bilbrin Forest, West Luterra
8RudricGraveyard, Rethamis boarder
9ThunderwingsCandria Territory, South Vern
10Salt GiantAregal Salt Plains on Saland hill, Yudia

After you have received all ten cards, you will be given the following statistics:

  • Plus two boost to your Swiftness
  • 0.06% bonus Vs the Undead at Awakening Level 20
  • 0.07% bonus Vs the Undead at Awakening Level 40 and 50

Field Boss II

This set of cards contains seven different boss cards. These bosses must be defeated in order to obtain them.

1Sol GrandeIsland of Alteisen
2TarsilaSpider Queen’s Lair in Lake Eternity, Shushire
3AporasIsland of Oblivion
4Adrinne Island of Adrinne
5Maneth West of Maze of Mirrors in Icewing Heights, Shushire
6KagrosIsland of Spinda
7BrealeosIsland of Frostfire

After you have received all seven cards, you will be given the following statistics:

You now know how to find the Field Boss cards from Lost Ark and can easily get all the books/card decks you need. This guide will show you how to use Lost Ark cards to help you get all the Field Boss cards.

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