9 How to get more battle points in Mobile Legends Latest 2021

In the case of Mobile Legends players, especially those who play for free battle points are essential for many aspects. From making the emblem more attractive to purchasing the most recent heroes. This is of course the reason that having battle points is essential for all players. However, many players struggle to collect battle points. This is why pspdemocenter offers strategies how to get more battle points in mobile legends short amount of duration and free. Do you want to know more? We’ll discuss it below.

How to get more battle points in mobile legends

1. Make sure you are logging in regularly

How to get more battle points in Mobile Legends

When you log in daily and log in every day, you are able to win daily login rewards. Starting with trial cards you can convert into battle points if already own the hero intriguing battle points bundles that have the potential of gaining up to 1,000 battle points and The Mystery Pack which has the possibility of giving 500 battle points. If you’re lucky enough, each week you’ll earn 1500 battle points by simply logging into your account! This isn’t even counting the time you can play a trial game using the hero you already own.

2. Double-check your BP Cards before playing

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Before you play, both in ranked and casual matches Before playing, both casual and ranked matches, make use of Double BP Cards first to increase your battle points each week. There are many kinds of Double BP Cards, starting with a minimum of one day, three days and going up to seven days, which you can get by purchasing them using diamonds (and today, you can purchase them via DuniaGames). There are also no-cost double BP cards that can be obtained through sharing the results of your match, However, they’re only valid for one game.

3. Open Chests Everyday

Each day, you are able to unlock two kinds of chests: chests with medals and free ones. For a chest with a medal, one can be obtained after you earn 10-points (will be reset every day) that you can get at the end of the match and receive the medal. The amount of points you earn based on the medal you receive is the following.

  • Bronze medal – 3 points
  • Silver medal – 5 points
  • The gold medal or the MVP medal lost – 7 points
  • MVP win medal – 10 points

You can also get free chests every hour with no limitations. Don’t delay, you guys! How else do you earn Battle Points for free?

4. Maintain Credit Score above 90

How to get more battle points in Mobile Legends

The most effective thing to go about it is to maintain your credit score at or over 90. Each time you’re struck by a report from another player and you’ll experience a reduction in your credit score. If you are able to keep your score at or above 90 points, you’ll be awarded weekly battle points as well as a weekly BP limit is 7,500 battle points.

5. Follow the latest news and events on a daily basis.

get more battle points in Mobile Legends

If there’s a particular occasion, don’t miss it, you guys! The prizes offered are varied, from tickets, emblems and battle points! Make sure you check out current contests and follow them to ensure you can make money quickly.

6. Make use of tickets for a Lucky Spin

If lucky spins are typically similar to skins, these lucky spins may also grant you battle points! There’s a chance to win 1 free spin every two days. If you’re lucky, you could earn battle points at no cost or with your ticket.

7. All-Time Successes

Another method is to complete the previous achievements. When you finish an achievement, you’ll receive a certain amount of battle points as well as achievement exp that will grant you lots of emblems as you progress to an appropriate degree.

8. Then, increase Tier Rank until the highest

Do not forget to boost your rank as high as you can, since, at the time of the season’s end, you’ll receive a large number of battle points, possibly attaining 20,000 battle points when you can achieve Mythic the tier or higher. In addition, you receive free season skins!

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9. Play hard

Of course, you must be hard-core guys! Particularly, if you have two BP cards in your collection, you could earn a lot of points for the battle. Be aware, however, that do not use double BP cards that have the number of brawl matches because the amount of battle points you earn is not enough.

These were the suggestions to quickly earn battle points. I hope you’ll have battle points plentiful after having read this article, you guys! Make sure to follow DuniaGames’ social media channels for more useful tips and tricks on Mobile Legends, guys!

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