How to Get to Snow Area Elden Ring

This guide will cover everything you need to know regarding the Consecrated Snowfield. It is the area that everyone keeps talking about. We’ll be focusing on the most important highlights of this area, as well as how to get to snow area Elden Ring. For a more detailed tutorial, continue reading.

Elden Ring is an example of imagination. It features great combat mechanics, an ominous storyline and gripping open-world gameplay. Hidetaka Miyazaki has taken Elden Ring to new heights in the entire Soulsborne series. We love it. You can explore the Lands Between with your Torrent Horse. One of the joys of Elden Ring is finding a reward secret.

What is Elden Ring Snowy Area?

The snowy Elden Ring area is actually called Consecrated Snowfield. This area is covered in snowstorms, blizzards and avalanches, which is why it has an apparent name. This area is completely optional to unlock in Lands Between. It is unlikely that you will find it if your goal is to avoid the snowy area of the game.

You can find a wealth of equipment and upgrade materials in the Consecrated Snowfield. There are also boss fights in the area, including the Crusader Misbegotten as well as the Putrid Avatar. You might also want to check out our Elden Ring Bosses Level List.

The Consecrated Snowfield’s first section will be covered in snow and blizzard, making it difficult to see what lies ahead. Once you get to a certain point, visibility will improve and you can explore the area more easily.

The snowy Elden Ring area does not need to be traversed to complete the mainline quest. It is considered a “secret” area with no connection to the main story. You don’t want to complete the game if you aren’t interested in getting more out of Elden Ring, despite the massive world.

How to get to the Snowy Area

in this section. Pay attention properly how to get to snow area Elden Ring. Similar to how the Dectus Medallion is divided into two halves to activate the Grand Lift of Dectus you will also need to do the same to reach the snowy area of Elden Ring. This is the Consecrated Winterfield. You will need to gather the Haligtree Secret Medallion. Actually, this is two pieces of it.

Once you have completed the Haligtree Secret Medallion, you can make your way to Grand Lift of Rold. If you are at a later stage of the game, you will already know how this place allows you to access the Mountaintops of the Giants area. This is the last unlockable area of Elden Ring. It’s full of secrets and other useful items. You might also want to read Elden Ring Item Tier List.

This area can be accessed via the Grand Lift of Rold. To enter, you must raise the Rold Medallion. Once you have both haligtree secret medallions, press the left or right buttons on the D-pad of your controller. If you are playing on Xbox or PlayStation, this will change the input for either the “Y” (or the “Triangle”) buttons. This will allow you to lift the secret medallion, which is in fact our Haligtree Secret Medallion.

Once you have done that, a cutscene will be displayed, which confirms that all of the above is happening. After that, you will be directed to a separate section known as Hidden Path To the Haligtree. You can easily navigate this area to finally reach the Consecrated snowfield.

This has been a brief overview of how to get to snow area elden ring. This guide will walk you through the whole process step-by-step. You will find the following sections helpful.

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Collecting the Two Parts of the Haligtree Secret Medallion

So now we’re done. The first step to unlock the Consecrated snowfield in Elden Ring is to acquire the Haligtree Secret Medallion. To actually make anything of this important item, you will need to locate two halves.

You can retrieve the Haligtree Secret Medallion(Right) the first half of your medallion very early in the game. It is located in the Village of the Albinaurics. You can read the Village of the Albinaurics guide to learn more about the medallion.

Once you have reached the Village of the Albinaurics Site of Grace (or the checkpoint), continue straight ahead up the hill to the right. Keep heading forward uphill. As soon as you reach the top level, an enemy will appear. However, continue on until the end to locate a large container on your right.

how to get to snow area elden ring
Location : Haligtree Secret Medallion (Right)

To make an NPC emerge from the pot, attach it twice. You can now talk to the guy to hear his story, or trigger him by striking. This will force him to say, “We have not caused you any harm,” and “Let’s curse take everything.”

To get the Haligtree Secret Medallion, you can kill the character immediately if you are not feeling the need to engage in conversation. To get the Haligtree secret medallion’s left portion, you should prepare to go to an extremely advanced location after the Village of the Albinaurics.

Although the final half of this medallion is not easy, it’s not difficult. To accomplish the task at hand, you will need to travel to the Mountaintops of the Giants area in Elden Ring. This tutorial will guide you through the entire process.

To retrieve the Haligtree Secret Medallion, you will need to travel further north than the rest of the game world, especially in the Castle Sol section. It is important to remember that areas like Limgrave and Liurnia of the Lakes must be fought before you reach the Mountaintops of the Giants.

Castle Sol can be found just ahead of a section called Stargazer’s Ruins. You can use the northern bridge to get to Castle Sol Main Gate Site for Lost Grace. Once there, you will be ready to face the creatures that are unique to this area. A boss named Commander Niall will be your opponent.

This knight is heavy-duty and can spawn phantom soldiers. He also has a variety skillsets that will try to take you down. After defeating this foe, activate The Site of Lost Grace and then continue your journey. You will find a back door that allows you to continue your journey.

You will be led to a flight stairs, and you will see a building to your right. Step on the platform by going inside the lift. Once you have reached the top, exit the building and take the stairs outside. Look for the purple-colored item in the front. This will give you the Haligtree Secret Medallion. (Right).

At the Great Lift of Rold, the Secret Medallion is being hoisted

It is one thing to gather both halves of a Haligtree Secret Medallion; it is quite another to use the item as it was intended. To access Elden Ring’s snowy area, you will need to travel to the Grand Lift of Rold. This area was already used to access the Altus Plateau, Mountaintops of the Giants. You should now be able to locate it by looking at your in-game map.

You can find the Grand Lift of Rold in particular in the Forbidden Lands area, just east of Leyndell Royal Capital. The Rold Medallion is normally held here by players after they have defeated Morgott, Omen King.

However, now is the right time to raise the Haligtree Secret Medallion in the designated place. You can simply go up the lift, and then click the “Event Action” button. Nothing will change. Mountaintops of the Giants will not be accessible to you.

You will need to take a closer look at your screen in order to find the “Switch action prompt”. You will see this prompt only if you have the Haligtree Secret Medallion complete. This is the right or left button on the D-Pad of your controller. This will change the lift medallion your character will use.

a snowy area elden ring

The Grand Lift of Rold Secret Medallion

S controller, a cutscene will appear. The eyes of the Rold Medallion hosts will glow red if they are viewed by you. However, this time, the eyes of the two giants will glow green, giving you access to the secret area.

After you have successfully lifted the secret medallion at Grand Lift of Rold it is now time to head to the Consecrated Snowfield. This is Elden Ring’s own snowy area.

Entering the Consecrated Snowfield

You will find Hidden Path to Haligtree by moving past the pathway that was opened by activating Grand Lift of Rold with Haligtree Secret medallion. This section of the game is quite nondescript and acts as a bridge between the Grand Lift of Rold and the Consecrated snowfield.

how to get to snow area elden ring

From here, head straight to unlock the door in front of your. You will find yourself on the upper level of a large room. Follow the stairs to the left. Be aware of the enemy guarding your entrance. You can run through the evil creatures to reach the snowy area if you don’t want to be involved in any conflicts.

Keep going straight up the next flight of stairs after you have taken your first left. Once you reach the top, a huge crab will drop from God’s where and block your path to the Consecrated Snowfield. You can navigate around this deadly entity and not engage in combat.

get to snow area elden ring

Continue climbing the stairs to find a Lost Site of Grace. Continue to ascend the stairs until you reach the Consecrated snowfield at the foot. After completing this section, the following shows the player’s position on the map.

how to get to snow area elden ring

This is how you get to Elden Ring’s snowy area. This secret area can be explored at your leisure. However, before you leave, make sure to read the following: The Consecrated snowfield map fragment is an important in-game item.

To maximize your chances of exploring and uncovering secrets quickly, we recommend that you grab it as soon as possible.

Consecrated Snowfield Map Fragment Locator

Once you have reached the Consecrated Field, it is time to collect its map fragment. It is difficult to see much in this area and it will be hard to find anything else. This is unless you grab the map fragment from the Consecrated snowfield first.

The first step is to find the Site of Lost Grace as you exit the Hidden Path to Haligtree. You must continue straightening and descend to lower levels from there. One tip is to improve visibility when you get near the map fragment-containing area.

You should find the following Beacon on the Elden Ring in-game world map. This map shows the location of Consecrated Snowfield and allows you to freely explore the region.


Elden Ring is proving to be Game of the Year-quality, not only for a few reasons but for tons of reasons. It has been an exceptional start, already the best-selling videogame in the United States of America. Not to mention the incredible concurrent player peak it has achieved recently.

The latest Soulsborne entry is simply outstanding. It features a variety of top weapons and an open-world component that’s rich in details. This guide will show you how to reach the snowy Elden Ring area, also known as the Consecrated Snowfield. You might also want to check out our Elden Ring Weapons Tier List while we are talking about weapons.

This region is different from the Mountaintops of the Giants, so it’s important to unlock this area in order to play the game. If you are a Star Wars fan, make sure to check out the Best Elden Ring Darth Maul Build.

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