How to play pop it game with dice

How to play pop it game with dice, Pop it games are currently a trend among children. Not only can it be used to relieve stress and reduce anxiety, but pop it can also be a toy that helps stimulate toddlers for their sensory and fine motor skills.

Now, apart from being a stimulation tool for toddlers, did you know that pop it is also a great learning tool? There are so many ways you can use pop it as a learning tool.

One way to prepare pop it toys to become learning media is to play pop it games with dice. This time we will provide a guide on how to do that.

What is pop it?

This toy is a silicone toy shaped like a reusable bubble wrap. Your little one can press the bubble and then the bubble will reappear.

The picture is as follows:

how to play pop it game with dice

How to play pop it game with dice

  • The first is to prepare the pop it game board first. There are several types and shapes of this pop it board. You can use one of them,
  • Second, prepare the dice,
  • Third, each player must draw who rolls the dice first.
  • For each dice number that appears, the player must press the pop it board button according to the number of dice numbers,
  • Players take turns pressing as many bubbles as they want in a row.
  • Whoever is the first to press all the buttons, that’s the winner.

Those are some ideas and ways to play the pop it game with dice

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