How to Quick Move in Minecraft PC, Minecraft best video settings for PC

How to Quick Move in Minecraft PC

How to Quick Move in Minecraft PC – Although the visual appearance of the Minecraft game is not like other graphic games, Minecraft is one of the most popular games. It is played by children and adults alike.

One of the obstacles experienced by Minecraft users or players. Especially for those who play using a PC is Minecraft runs slowly or often crashes.

Well, in this post. We will show you ways to practice making Minecraft run fast and other things that can improve the performance of your PC so that the Minecraft game doesn’t crash.

How to Quick-Move in Minecraft On PC

  1. When you run Minecraft on a PC, press Esc on the keyboard, then select the Options menu, then choose Settings Video
    Then select the Graphic option, switch to Fast
  2. After that, lowering the Render Distance to 8 Chunks. will make the view blurry. However, it will improve game performance until he can move fast.
  3. Then, switch to the Clouds menu to Fast or OFF. Both of these settings perform better than Fancy.
  4. Then on the Particles menu. Switch to “Decreased” or “Minimal“. It will also eliminate graphic displays such as smoke. But it is very effective to increase movement speed in Minecraft for PC.
  5. Next, on the 3D Anagliph menu. Switch it to OFF. will remove the shadows, thus making the graphic look lighter.
  6. If the PC you are using has a Graphics card, activate VBOS by going to the Use VSync menu: active
  7. You can also lower the lighting by using the Smooth Lighting menu. Switch to OFF or Minimal. Can improve PC performance so Minecraft can run fast.
  8. Change Image resolution. If Minecraft is currently running, please close it first. Then click the Launcher menu, select Edit Profile in the lower-left corner, switch to a smaller resolution. Generally, the solutions that are widely used are 1920×1080, 1600×900, and 1280×720.

Apart from the settings above, a quick way to move in Minecraft is to optimize the PC device you have. You can read articles on how to improve computer performance. Or fix a slow computer on google.

That’s how to quick move-in Minecraft pc. Hopefully, what we say can be useful for those of you who have a standard PC. Thank you!

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