How to Sell Dragons in Dragon City

How to Sell Dragons in Dragon City

An easy way to get gems in Dragon city is to sell dragons. However, as a novice player. The idea of ​​selling dragons is something to get confused about. You will ask how to sell dragons in Dragon City.

That is a natural thing, the article. Features to sell dragons, you have to be or collect a lot of dragons first. After that, a button to sell the dragon will appear.

So you don’t need to be confused. Why can’t I sell dragons in dragon city? For some players, the button to sell appears at level 14. So all you have to do is collect or breed as many dragons as you can. Later the sell button will appear by itself.

For the steps, you can follow the following guide!

How to sell Dragon in Dragon City

If you already have a lot of Dragons, then the game will provide a feature to sell dragons.

  • Go to Dragon Book,
  • Tap Habitat, where the dragon is located that you want to sell.
  • Later, a list of dragons will appear. Please select the dragon you want to sell,
  • Here you can see the sell button,
  • Tap the button, and the price will appear, and click confirm the sale.

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That’s the way we can share about how to sell dragons in dragon city. So for novice players, there is no need to be confused. You need to collect dragons and raise your level first. Thanks

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