How to Speed Up Android Phone Without Rooting

how to speed up android phone without rooting

How to speed up android phone without rooting – A smooth performance on Android can certainly help users to complete a variety of tasks including those that are only for entertainment to those that are related to work.

Particularly for those who enjoy playing games, a speedy Android performance is absolutely required. This is because nearly all games nowadays require more horsepower to play smoothly.

For those of you who experience slow performance on Android and would like to improve the performance of your device On this occasion, I’ll provide a variety of methods to use.

Speed up Android phone without rooting

This technique is specifically designed intended for Android users who haven’t been rooting. In order to speed up Android performance with no root, you won’t need to worry about bootloop if you commit an error.

Okay, here’s what you can test it:

1. Install enough Applications

In default, there’s just a handful of Android default apps. Therefore, if you experience extremely fast performance on your first day using Android and you feel very fast, it’s sensible.

But, if you’ve installed a variety of apps, Android performance will be slow. This is applicable to all models of Android phones, and but not uniformly.

My suggestion, install the application only if you actually need it. If, at the moment, there are apps that are not ever used, then it’s recommended to remove these applications so that Android gets quicker.

2. Save Internal Storage

Internal storage is a memory that is used to store all Android system files, as well as applications installed. If this storage space is full generally Android will experience slow performance.

It is possible that this issue will be a problem only on Android which has already extensive internal storage. But for those with internal storage of less than 8GB the issue is an issue.

To protect internal storage, make sure to backup all your data to an SD Card. Therefore, internal storage is used intended for the storage of application files. It doesn’t fill up quickly.

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3. Reduce RAM Usage

RAM is a component of hardware that functions to run every process on Android. When you launch two apps, both will be running on RAM.

If an Android smartphone has only a little number of RAMs, it’s likely that it will begin to slow down rapidly. Because the procedure that is required to run an Android device is extensive.

However, don’t panic You can get around this issue by opening the application in a way that is sufficient. In the event that you come across an application, you don’t ever use It is imperative to shut down the application.

4. Clean Home Screen

In general, Android users will try to enhance the look of the home screen or by adding widgets or arranging icons for applications and so on.

It is important to be aware that the icons for applications and widgets found at the top of the screen could be causing Android performance suffers, as you’ve heard. To prevent this, you should minimize the widget and icon for the application by removing the icons.

My suggestion is to only install the widgets that are required, like clocks as well as weather and clock widgets. Also, stick note widgets, among others. Simply put, only install the widgets that are essential.

5. Shut off Auto Sync

Automatic synchronization functions that link your Android phone to a variety of applications like Gmail, Calendar, Contacts and many more applications.

When this feature is turned on it is not necessary to manually to sync. But, there is a drawback: you must be prepared since this feature can cause Android performance to slow.

You can choose to turn off the synchronization. If you truly would like to disable the synchronization across all applications you can switch off synchronization by clicking the Sync icon on the notifications panel.

6. Make use of Light Launchers

By default, every Android uses its own launcher. Sometimes, the launcher is so heavy that it causes problems the Android performance.

You can make use of a lightweight launcher that is readily available on Google Play Store to make your Android performance speedier. My suggestion is to make use of Nova Launcher since it’s very lightweight.

Here are some light launcher options available for Android:

Select the launcher that best suits your needs. To make sure you are more secure using the app, review user reviews on the site by Google Play Store. Google Play Store.

7. Upgrade Android OS

Most of the time, Android upgrades are done in order to fix bugs or include new features. Additionally, OS upgrades can also be used to boost Android performance.

However, you must keep in mind that you don’t need to change to the Android OS. Test to ensure that the OS you’d like to use and make sure it is stable. If you’re still using a beta version It’s best not to hurry. Take your time and be patient. Wait for a few minutes.

For a comprehensive description of how to upgrade Android and other operating systems, read this article on how to update Android. If you’re still looking for other sources on upgrades, make use of Google to ask questions so that you don’t get it wrong.

8. Do a factory reset

This is the final method you can improve the speed of Android. But, before you do that, you need to back up important data first to ensure it doesn’t go missing.

For factory resets There are a variety of methods to do it via Settings as well as Recovery. But, I prefer to go with Recovery simply because it is proven to be more effective.

The reason for the factory reset, in addition to restoring performance, so that the battery is more efficient is because it is able to eliminate viruses on Android. If you suspect that your Android is being impacted by an infection, it could be resolved by this method.

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That’s how to speed up Android phone without rooting that you can use. We hope that this article is helpful and provide knowledge to everyone.

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