How to Underline Text on Android Phone Complete With Other Formats

how to underline text on android phone

Do you want to underline text on Android phone? if so, then this is the guide you should read. Because on this occasion. We will guide you on how to apply the text you type on android.

It doesn’t even just highlight what you’ll know after reading this article. You will know how to italicize text, bold text.

As we know, that typing text on android is a daily job. When sending messages via the android messaging app, sending messages via Whatsapp, sending email via android, as well as messenger messages. All of that requires you to compose and string letters to convey a message to others.

One so that your message is conveyed properly. By taking advantage of the text modification feature on Android. Such as underlining text, bolding text, and making text italic.

Therefore, let’s learn more about how you can apply how to underline text on android.

Before continuing, you must first understand. That android default feature does not support underlining text. If you want to change the default features of Android. You have to root the android phone. But don’t worry, you can still do it without root. In accordance with what application you use in writing text.

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How to Bold, Strikethrough and Italicize Whatsapp text on android

Whatsapp is a popular texting site that is used on Android. Not only text, but you can also send stickers, photos, links, and short videos.

For WhatsApp text. As quoted on the official WhatsApp page here.

WhatsApp’s text modification features are as follows:

  • Italicize Text: To italicize text, place an underscore on both sides of the text, like so: text
  • Bold Text: To bold text, put asterisks on both sides of the text, like text
  • Strikethrough Text: To cross out text, place a ~ sign on both sides of the text, such as: ~text ~
  • Monospace: To create a monospaced typeface, place three backticks on either side of the text, like so: `text“`

Or you can do this by holding down the text you type in the text field, then selecting bold, italic or other to select strikethrough and monospace.

How to Underline Text in MS Word Android

MS word is an android application that is widely used to process text. If you mean underline text in MS word android. You can do it easily. If you often work with MS Word on a laptop. Because the method is almost the same, only the operation is slightly different. If you want to know how to underline or bold or italicize text in MS Word android, the steps are as follows!

  • Start typing in MS Word,
    Tap and drag the word you want to underline or bold.
  • Once your text is highlighted, tap on the ‘A’ icon on the top menu bar. You will see a selection of formats that you can apply to the text you highlighted earlier.
  • Now you can use the ‘U’ icon with an underline if you want to underline the text on the android that you have highlighted earlier.

Underline text on google documents android

If you use google documents in writing text on android. You can underline, bold or italicize text the way you would do it through MS Word :

  • Type text on google documents app,
  • Tap and drag the text you want to underline. You will see the text is being highlighted.
  • After you select the text, tap the underline icon (U) on the screen of the android phone.
  • You will see your highlighted text underlined

How to Underline Gmail Text on Android

Gmail is a mandatory application for android users. Therefore, many use this application to send messages or texts to others online. Gmail is a popular email sending site. If you mean how to underline text on android is text on Gmail. Then you can do it easily.

  • Open the Gmail app on your android phone/tablet.
  • Get started, start writing a text on Gmail.
  • tap and hold the text you want to underline. If the word you want to underline is more than one word. You need to hold and highlight the text by holding down the screen.
  • Next, an overlay menu will appear with several options. You have to tap on the ‘format’ option from the overlay menu. Simply, tap on the underline icon (looks like U) from there and the text will be underlined

Underline Text In Facebook Messenger Android

If you want to underline text in android Facebook messenger. Unfortunately, you can’t do it on Android yet. The Facebook messenger text modification feature is the same as WhatsApp.
You can choose other formats besides underlining.
The method is as described in the WhatsApp text modification guide at point no. 1 above. Follow that guide.
In the future, Facebook may be able to add an underscore feature to the text.

Underline Text on Android Messages App

If you ask how to underline text in an android messaging application? then the answer is no. The android messaging application is the default android application for sending short messages using pulses.
You can modify the text messages you send. But not yet available for underscore format. So you can choose another format. How to do it is as follows:

  • To bold text: Put an asterisk * on both sides of the text you want to bold
  • To italicize: Place an underscore _ on either side of the text you want to italicize
  • To Strikethrough: Put a tilde ~ on either side of the text you want to strike out
  • For inline code blocks: use backticks on both sides of the text For multiline code blocks: use 3 backticks “ on both sides of the text

How to Underline Telegram Text on Android

How to underline text on android for the Telegram application. Then this is good news for you. Because Telegram is a messaging application that is widely used. Both android users in the world and iPhone users.
So the text you want to underline on android via Telegram you can do it in the following way!

tap and hold the text you want to underline, an overlay menu will appear above the text with several text formatting options such as bold, italic, etc.
To underline, you have to tap on the ‘More/3 vertical dots’ icon from the right side of the overlay menu
Now all you have to do is select the ‘Underline’ option.
The text you highlight will be underlined.

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Underline skype text on android

After reading this article from above, you certainly already know that how to underline text on android. You will also know which apps support underscore on android and which apps don’t support underscore.
Therefore, you can practice the underline method on Skype android by following the guide as in the Whatsapp guide.

I hope this article can answer your question about how to underline text on android phone. If anything is missing from this article. Feel free to leave a comment.

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