How to use Ashes of War Elden Ring PC (Via Steam)

how to use ashes of war elden ring pc

How to use Ashes of War Elden Ring on PC – One of the most talked-about RPG games today is Elden Ring. This game was developed by FromSoftware Inc with the theme/genre of action and adventure.

In this game, each player will have an adventure in a mysterious world and must defeat all the attacking monsters. Monsters are very evil, they mutate, ranging from a dragon to a terrifying giant monster.

In battle, each player can use a sword, weapon or magic. And on this occasion, we will share how to use Ashes of War on PC or via Steam.

But before that, we will tell you how Ashes of war works.

How Ashes of War Works

In simple terms, Ashes of War is the skill of using weapons. In addition, there are interesting new moves to enjoy, for example, the ability to attack in quick succession also has a kick technique.

Ashes of war give abilities to your weapons. Like giving Blood loss which gives you a charge attack that looks the same as a spell.

However, this all depends on the Ashes of war you add to your weapon/shield.

Well, here’s how to use Ashes of War in Elden Ring on PC (on Steam),

Ash of War replaces weapons’ innate abilities, meaning that Weapon’s Arts and Ashes of War use the same buttons.

PC: Shift + Left Click on mouse

As you can see, there is no secret to it. You just press a button and use it, but you’ll be charged a Focus Point — the blue bar below your health.

There are Ashes of War that may require more than FP. For example, some may charge FP and HP to use.

If you have a shield on your left arm, pressing the Ash of War button will make you use Ash of War or the shield’s innate ability.

That’s how to use Ashes of war Elden Ring PC that we can share on this occasion.

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