How to Use Omegle Video Chat on Android It Doesn’t Work

This time, I’ll talk the steps to utilize Omegle Video chat with Android. As we all know, there are some users who have problems even when using the application.

A great feature of Omegle is the video chat. For the text chat, it’s no issue for Android users.

The most frequent issue for Omegle users is not being capable of running the video-chat feature on Android.

Some users even say that Omegle is not compatible with Android. This is despite the fact that it requires specific settings to run Omegle for Android.

But , before we get there, is it recommended familiar with Omegle’s video chat feature. is?

What exactly is Omegle Video Chat?

It is one of the services offered by Omegle that lets anyone access it without having to sign up or log in using social media.

If you access Omegle, Omegle portal online you’ll be able to immediately connect with other users across the globe anonymously.

Personal information is not accessible to others unless you inform them. However, it is strongly advised not to give any other personal data. Like Facebook accounts or twitter accounts google accounts, google accounts, and many more. We don’t know who we’re talking to via chat or video.

Furthermore, Omegle also allows users to decide on their preferences before they click on the start Chat button.

In the event that you notify Omegle of your interest, Omegle will randomly find other users who share the topics you select.

You can also start a new chatroom or create a chat room and send a private link.

How to use Omegle Video Chat on an Android Phone

It is possible that the goal of reading this article, which is to show you how to utilize Omegle Video Chat using Android as well as IOS.

I am aware of what you are experiencing because of the way you first visit Omegle’s website. There are a variety of errors that show up. For example: Error in the camera: Unable to begin audio source

Okay. You can go directly to the instructions on how to use Omegle to run correctly.

1. It is necessary to install Puffin browser. This application may not work using Google Chrome, UC Browser or Opera mini. First, you’ll need to install the Puffin Browser. It is available for download through Google Playstore. This link can be found here. You may also download the previous Version of Puffin APK. There are users having issues with the most recent version Puffin Browser. It is available for download here.

2. After downloading and installing on the Android. It is all you need to do is start or open to the Puffin browser. After that enter into your search field.

3. Select the Three dots option on the upper right corner. Then, select Show In Desktop version.

How to Use Omegle Video Chat on Android

4. Puffin browser Puffin browser will request your permission to make use of your webcam as a camera and your headphone as a microphone. You must grant all the permissions needed to be granted by the mobile web browser in order to begin video chat.

5. Select the button to start chatting with video Then Omegle will instantly activate your camera’s front camera, and start playing you videos on the screen.

6. It will then randomly search for other users to talk with.

Omegle Error Solution

Omegle Error Solution

If you follow the steps as shown in the previous guide. You get an error message that says the audio or camera source not being found. In the next step, navigate to the Settings app on Omegle.

  • Open on the Settings menu,
  • After that, head proceed to the section Applications
  • Locate the Omegle application that you’ve installed,
  • Tap on the app it.
  • Select the Permissions section.
  • Tap active tab to show camera, microphone, or location.

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That’s How to Use Omegle Video Chat on Android It Doesn’t Work. I would like to know what you think about this guide. Is the one that I’ve tried using my device useful on your android phone or tablet? Please share your thoughts in the comment section Thank you! !

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