Idle Angels : Gift Code And Heroes Tier List 2021

idle angels gift code and heroes tier list

For those of you who play the game Idle Angels. You can see this article. We share the latest idle angels gift code as well as idle angels hero tier list

Idle Angels is a mobile RPG game that was developed by Mujoy. In this game, you will collect and upgrade angels in order to form a strong team to fight in PvP as well as PvE combats.

Angels can fight by themselves even if you’re offline which means that amassing equipment and resources will be fairly easy.

With the right equipment and your angel’s skills, you can have a strong fleet or line up that can battle in the game mechanic called “Fate.” It is an immersive game that offers a plethora of gameplay experiences including Idle mode, combat system, adventure missions, training, awakening, and more.

Idle Angels Gift Code 2021

There are several Idle Angels gift codes in 2021 that you can take advantage of in order to acquire diamonds and other in-game rewards for free. To redeem the rewards, simply enter the codes in the same format as shown below.


Redeem the code to receive an Advanced Summon Scroll, 10 Advanced Training Vials, and 1000 Enhance Essence.


Redeem the code to receive an Advanced Summon Scroll and 200 Diamonds.


Redeem the code to receive an Advanced Summon Scroll and 100 Diamonds.


Redeem the code to receive 100 Diamonds and 50 Holy Cores.


Redeem the code to receive an Advanced Summon Scroll, 10 Advanced Training Vials, and 1000 Enhance Essence.


20 Scrolls of Mod III


200 diamonds


300 diamonds


20 Scrolls of Fashion III.


10 standard summon scrolls.

How To Redeem Idle Angels Codes ?

To redeem codes in Idle Angels, follow the steps below:

  • Start the game by tapping on the Profile button in the upper left corner of your screen.
  • Then, select the Gift code option.
  • To get immediate results, enter code into the text box. Then press the Enter button.

Idle Angels Heroes Tier List:

S+ Tier:

The heroes in this top tier include Eloise and Scarlet Queen Halora. These are the strongest heroes that will grant you easy wins in battling other players.

S Tier:

The heroes that you can add to the S tier include Ithaqua, Drake, and Rogan. It is an excellent tier and these heroes have outstanding abilities that will complement the Idle heroes in your fleet.

A Tier:

The A tier requires heroes that are versatile enough to serve as support characters in your fleet. In this tier, you can add Aida, Penny, and Amen-Ra on top of your list.

B Tier:

In the B tier, you can include Horus, Aspen, and Dark Arthindol. These are not the strongest heroes but they can perform well and are viable in your fleet.

C Tier:

Valkyrie, Belrain, and Oberon can be under your C tier since they provide ample support that you may find useful in various aspects of the game.

D Tier:

In the D tier, you can include niche heroes such as Xia, Jahra, and Flamestrike. These heroes can perform well in their niche but may not serve you well in other aspects of the game.

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That’s what we share now, about Idle Angels Gift Code 2021 & Heroes tier list, hope you guys like it. If any code doesn’t work, please let us know, so we can update it.

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