Idlemon Tales Redeem Code & How to Play 2021

idlemon tales redeem code and how to play

Do you play Idlemon Tales? If true, this time we will share the Idlemon Tales redeem code. You can redeem this code into gifts, gold, diamonds, vouchers, Premium GV, XP Candles, XP Candies, Elite Summoners and many others.

How to play Idlemon Tales

This game was released in 2020 and can be played via smartphones around the world. Every player, become a pokemon trainer. Collect 6 pokemon to become a team. It will attack automatically after you press the next button.

This team is used to fight enemies in the arena (PVP Arena), against Guild bosses, gym leaders, and other enemies.

Pokemon or Pet you can join with other pokemon. After that, it will evolve. His strength will increase, his star and star attributes will also increase. You can also get equips and berries.

It is very easy to play with this game. The size is small, so HP with low specifications will run smoothly. The size is 56MB.

Daily missions can be completed in 10 minutes. Each player can increase the level and power easily. Because you can take EXP even if you are offline. You can also take Gacha tickets from the redemption of the Idlemon Tales redeem code.

Idlemon Tales Redeem Code

CodeGift Item
8888get the reward
Lucky7x50000 Gold, x500 Diamond
ga26eb262a54a26282get x20000 Gold, x400 Diamond, x1000 XP Candies
ga9692948bc3ec2338XP Candles, Gold, Diamonds
gac72f5f7de5cb552dget Vouchers, Premium GV, XP Item, other rewards
14523255118get the reward
NEWAWKENINGRedeem it to get the reward

How To Redeem Idlemon Tales Codes?

If you don’t know, how to redeem the code in this idlemon tales game. Please follow the steps below.

  1. Open the game application, tap at the top of the profile icon,
  2. you will see the redeem code button, tap that button,
  3. Then enter one of the codes above in the column, then Redeem

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