Jackal Squad – Pixel Tank War: Feature, How To Play, Mod APK

Jackal Squad – Pixel Tank War is an arcade classic game where you control tanks and fire at your enemies, and also take the prisoners. this time we will share information about this game, ranging from features, how to play, and Jackal Squad Mod Apk

In battle, you will be able to obtain several power-ups to boost the effectiveness of your tank vehicle. When you have completed a stage you’ll get a lot of blueprints and other material that you can use to upgrades.

You can also purchase random abilities to improve the tank car. You can also purchase to use, upgrade, and use weapons to attach to your tank.

The game features pixels of art graphics that look like old-school arcade machines as well as nostalgic music from the 8-bit era. The game can be played offline, without the necessity of internet access.

Introduction Game

Jackal Squad – Pixel Tank War A simple to play a classic game featuring pixels. Our enemies are threatening our land with their amazing military and an unstoppable army armed with Pixel tanks. It’s time to stand up, become a Tank Hero and save your country from invasion.

Participate at every battle shoot, upgrade weapons, take out bases of enemies and earn prizes.

In the Jackal Squad game, you are able to participate in the most epic World War in history with pixels, simple to manage gameplay that lets you play at any time.

Jackal Squad – Pixel Tank War FEATURE

Modern gameplay This is a non-serious tank shooting game.

The classic theme Pixel Tank war game and tank arcade

Simple to play: You can play this game by pressing a single button on the screen

HOW to play

Control the tank’s movement using just one finger

Improve your skills in tank war battles

Remember to dodge enemy bullets

It’s your vehicle-fighting. an entire army of pixels. You must eliminate them all, and leave no trace

Complete your missions, save hostages, and build your tank army

Jackal Squad MOD Apk

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