The Battle Cats: Cat Food, XP, and Tickets Codes – Latest Update

battle cats cat food code

Are you looking for the Battle Cats codes that you can exchange for cat food, XP or ticket? if true ? This is the article you need to read. Soon we will tell you how to get the code.

The Battle cats code series is a unique code that needs to be entered into the game to get exclusive prizes.

There are 3 kinds of the battle cats code

Code for gift

This code is given by Ponos (game developer) to the player who wins the contest. This code is valid for one exchange only. For XP, cat food and tickets.

Secret code

Code to unlock the hidden cat unit.

Merchandise Codes

Code provided along with game merchandise. This code is one time use only. So if it has been used by someone else, it can no longer be used.

Then how to get the latest the Battle Cats code that I can use for cat food, tickets, XP, secret codes, or merchandise codes? The code must be used quickly before it expires.

Here we summarize into a list of the battle cats code that we found in valid sources.

In addition, you can also visit the battle cats social media page to get the latest information. Ongoing contest. Because there, you can enter the contest and if you win. Entitled to a code that you can exchange for attractive prizes.

Here’s a list of pages that you can visit to get the latest valid Battle Cats Code

See code list here

How to use

  1. On the first screen of the game (version 2.1.1), pay attention to the lower right corner of Invite friend to get Moneko,
  2. Click the button that says
  3. After that, 2 columns will appear where to enter the code that we get,
  4. If the code is valid, a prize will appear.

You can also follow the following page to get a free battle cat code. Because Ponos will share the code every period.

You can also find related information through

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