How To Install Magnetic Sensor In Android And The Function

magnetic sensor in android

This article will review magnetic sensors on Android. Starting from what it is, functions, and how to install a magnetic sensor in Android phone.

Magnetic sensor is an advanced technology that is offered on the market for use in mobile phones. This sensing is based upon the principle of piezoelectricity, which is used in the majority of medical equipment like heart monitors.

This technology utilizes two thin pieces of thin film antenna coupled with a change and power source. When the switch is turned on, it generates a small magnetic field around the change that is picked up from the antenna from the device.

What is magnetic sensor for android mobiles?

The magnetometer program in a smartphone measures the magnetic field of this smartphone relative to the x, y and Z axis relative to the real world magnetic north direction. This is done by measuring the distance between two magnets and using mathematical formula, the formula used is: Harmonic Amplitude Position Frequency, or HPF.

This method will measure the position of a device’s magnetic field with the help of its two-inch analog detector. There are several other sensors available in the market which also measure the magnetic field of a smartphone, but they’re not as effective as the magnetometer.

Magnetic Sensor Function In Android

Why should you use this device? This unit is designed to help users keep tabs on the proximity to certain areas. This is only because the wise phone has a GPS chip that may determine the location of this apparatus. However, a lot of people do not have the luxury of being able to monitor their device’s location on a daily basis, like when they’re traveling. This feature helps people keep an eye on their apparatus location while they are on the go. For instance, if a person is walking on the sidewalk and sees several individuals approaching a particular location, he can utilize this attribute to understand the exact location of that person.

What are the advantages of getting this sort of sensing device? In most cases, this sensor is integrated in a individual’s smart phone. The GPS feature of a smartphone is integrated with the magnetic detector to get location information. On the other hand, both types of sensors are different; hence there are a lot of advantages you may get from these.

How can I assess my device’s location? This device has an external magnetic antenna that can detect magnetic fields. You can just use this apparatus to find the device’s location with a simple tap. You simply need to have the Android tools set up on your smartphone.

Is there an easy way to trigger the magnetic sensor in Android devices? Yes, there are numerous simple methods to use this feature. For instance, if you are in a public place where you frequently drive or walk, you may use your magnetic detector to unlock your smartphone. This feature is very helpful when you’re locked out of your property.

To find out if your phone already has the sensor or not ?

For the easiest way, you can attempt these manners:

1. Using QC Test

With this method you don’t have to install any applications, just use the settings menu on your Android cellphone, you go to the Settings menu then search for About Phone and look to Kernel Version.

Then you tap Kernel-Version until you enter QC Test. After that you check the magnetic detector, should you locate the words Fail, it means that the sensor isn’t there or a mistake.

2. Using the Application

When the procedure above isn’t persuasive, you may use the assistance of third-party software in the Playstore to check the purpose of the cellphone sensor, for instance, magnetic sensor. Example : Sensor Box For Android

How to install magnetic sensor in android

If you are interested in a means to install a magnetic detector on Android, there is actually no way you can do in order to install a magnetic sensor in an Android phone if indeed the Android phone that you purchased from the beginning doesn’t have a magnetic sensor.

Because this magnetic sensor is a hardware element within a smartphone, it is not software that we can install and install at will. So when your Android cellphone now does not have this sensor, you can’t add it yourself.

Because when you try tricks on the internet by attempting to tamper with the hardware, then it can actually endanger the components inside which can become damaged or broken if you are not an expert.

As an alternative step for posnels that do not have a magnetic sensor is to use an application that we can install for free via the Google Play Store.

The function of this application is said to have a function like a magnetic sensor.

1. Physics Toolbox Magnetometer

how to install a magnetic sensor in Android phone

It is another excellent option to a Magnetic sensor app. Now, almost all Android users utilize Magnetic sensors for navigation and direction purposes and for employing a compass. In that circumstance, Physics Toolbox Magnetometer is a superb tool. It’s created by Vieyra Software. It is free to use app and has a simple interface which makes it effortless to use.

However, it steps magnetic field and displays in a graph of Magnetic Field vs Time from X, Y, and Z dimensions. Besides, the program allows users to record the strength of the magnetic field and export in an e-mail together with Google Drive as a .csv file.

Link app

2. Compass Level & GPS

Install Magnetic Sensor an Android

The program is manufactured by LemonClip, and it’s free to use the app. It’s available in Google Play, and it is 100% safe to use. With this application, you will have the ability to enjoy the characteristics of compass and GPS in one app. However, for those who adore D.I.Y. and the lovers of self-assembling, it is going to make you an expert in placing furniture and hanging up a frame or shelf.

The hiking fans may also use this for tracking and navigation. It consistently provides the right management and position. Some of its features are as follows:

  • You can choose vibration or sound when degree.
  • It’s a Release / Hold button for easy readout.
  • It includes a screen capture option.
  • It’s a strong GPS.

App link

3. Sensor Sense Toolbox

sensor magnetic android

It’s developed by Kristof Jannes, and it’s absolutely free to use a program like the rest of the above apps. The Android 5.0 and users may utilize this tool as an alternative to this Magnetic Sensor tool. It’s also accessible Google Play, and it is 100% secure and quick to download.

  • It’s support for all the detectors like a compass, GPS, acceleration, light detector, etc..
  • You will have the ability to export information as a .csv file.
  • With this program, you will be able to calibrate all sensors.
  • It has a intuitive and user-friendly interface.
  • It shows all the specifications of each and each sensor.
  • Inside this tool, you will have the ability to select between a dark and light motif.

App link

4. Determining Directions on Android With Google Maps

For those of you who have an Android cellphone that does not have a Magnetic Sensor feature and want to determine directions with the Google Maps application.

The following are directions for finding directions using the Google Maps application as an alternative solution without magnetic sensors.

  • activate the GPS on the Android cellphone that you have
  • open the Google Maps app
  • specify the starting point of the current location in the Google Maps app
  • Then you walk a few steps from the starting position with an approximate distance of 70 meters
  • Mark your current position
  • You see the direction of your movement on the Google Maps application
  • If the top on Maps is north and you compare it with the direction of movement you are doing whether the movement is north on Maps or not. If it moves upwards, it means you are moving north and if you are moving towards the bottom of the map then you are moving south.

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That’s how to install magnetic sensor in Android. You can see that there is no wise solution to solve this other than getting creative with 3rd party apps. Or have an android phone that supports magnetic sensors.

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