Resident Evil 4 Cheats For PS4

resident evil 4 for ps 4

Resident Evil 4 Cheats For PS4 – Even though Resident Evil 4 is quite long, there are still many people searching for a Resident Evil 4 cheat. Resident Evil 4 player acts as a specialized agency for the United States.

Playstation 2 and 3 These Third-Person Survival Bergenre video games. Capcom Production Studio 4’s Game Developer Resident Evil gives you some interesting grooves. There are many residents evil 4 players.

Here are the Resident Evil 4 Cheats PS4 if you wish to play it

1. Unlock weapons

  • Matilda, It is a 3 round burst fire pistol that can reload quickly and has an exclusive upgrade. For 70,000 Pesetas, you can unlock the main story.
  • Chicago Typewriter, This upgraded machine gun comes with unlimited ammo. Assignment Ada will allow you to buy this gun in Separate Ways at 300,000 Pesetas.
  • Hand Cannon, This magnum is extremely powerful and allows you to start collecting special ammo. Once acquired, it will be infinite ammo. This is easier if you grab all the time extensions and then create a huge combo with 40+ zombie deaths while collecting the combo multipliers in each trunk.
  • P.L.R. 412, This laser is extremely powerful and can destroy enemies that have the Las Plagas parasite. The laser can fire a small projectile that blinds the enemy. It can also be charged by pressing the fire button. This gun can then be purchased at 0 Pesetas from any merchant, regardless of difficulty.
  • Infinite Launcher, A rocket launcher that can reload quickly and never runs out of ammo. You can 1 shot all bosses and enemy bosses. The rocket launcher can then be unlocked by completing the main story.
  • Special Launcher, Ada drops a special rocket launcher to kill Saddler, the boss that Ada is fighting. This rocket launcher can be used to kill bosses or shown as a cutscene animation. It is worth keeping if you have the inventory space. If not, I recommend selling it as it is very expensive.
  • Broken Butterfly, Under the Hand Cannon, the Magnum 45 calibre revolver style Magnum is the second-most powerful gun in the game. Its Exclusive raises its power up 50. You can buy this gun from the merchant when you enter the castle. But don’t waste money, as you can get one free of charge after you reconnect with Ashley. Backtracking to the locked door in front of the fountain will reveal a damaged building with a locked entrance and a place to lift Ashley up so that you can unlock the door. There are a few money-filled trunks, some treasure and this gun inside.

2. Unlock Characters

  • Ada Wong, You can get 4 stars (30,000 Points) at the Village level
  • Hunk, You can get 4 stars (30,000 Points) at the Island Commando level
  • Jack Krauser, You can get 4 stars (30,000 Points) at the Castle level
  • Albert Wesker, You can get 4 stars (30,000 Points) at the Water World level

3. Unlock Game Mode

  • Assignment Ada, You must first complete the main story to unlock this game mode, where you play Ada in a brief mission.
  • The Mercenaries, You must first complete the main story to unlock this game mode, where you must kill as many enemies in the given time.
  • Separate Ways, You must beat the main story to unlock this game mode, which allows you to play the game through Adas’ eyes.

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Those are some Resident Evil Cheats 4 PS4 that you can use so that the game will be more maximal.

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