Resident Evil 4 : How To Solve The Church Lights Puzzle

When you play Resident Evil 4, you will surely come across this one light puzzle.

You have to solve this puzzle first so that Ashley’s room door opens.

Main Story (Leon) chapter 2-1.

1. Play the red one 2 times, the green one 3 times, and the blue one once

Resident Evil 4 : How To Solve The Church Lights Puzzle

2. Then select “Combine.”

3. Then, the iron barrier of the room where Ashley is in will open.

Separate Ways Chapter 1

Well, this time, it’s a different story, namely from Separate Ways. You have to solve similar but different puzzles first to ring the Church bell to help Leon fight the Ganados in the Village.

However, solving the light puzzle is very different from Leon’s story above, aka the reverse version.

See below to complete the Church lights puzzle in the Separate Ways story or Ada Wong chapter 1!

  1. Play the red one 3 times, the green one 1 time, and the blue one 2 times
  2. Then select “Combine.”
  3. Then, the church bell will ring and complete Ada Wong’s Chapter 1 mission.
    If you can’t, make sure the light positions are all correct, as shown above.

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Well, if the light position is messy because you try too much, then don’t worry.

Just look and follow the light puzzle arrangement as shown in step 2.

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