Samsung Hotspot Connected But No Internet. Why?

For those of you experiencing problems with the Samsung Android hotspot, the following admin shares a tutorial on how to solve the Samsung hotspot connected but no internet. How come?

There are several solutions that the admin will share, so if one method doesn’t work, you can use the following method.

Oh yes, before discussing the tutorial, the admin wants to share some of the reasons why Android phones can’t tether.

The most common cause is an error in the Android system, which an application error can cause.

For example, if your cellphone has a custom ROM installed, there could be a bug that causes your Android phone not to share the internet via the personal Wi-Fi hotspot feature.

So instead of lingering, look at the tutorial on how to solve Android hotspot not connecting.

How to Overcome Hotspot Not Detected

Okay, the solution that the admin will share is straightforward for you to follow. In addition, the tutorial below does not require additional applications.

Here are some solutions to fix problematic Android hotspots:

1. Check Internet Connection

Sounds trivial and straightforward but often happens. When the cellphone is connected to a hotspot but can’t be used to surf, it’s usually not because of the hotspot/tethering problem but an unavailable internet connection.

So for that, make sure that your quota is still there, and the cellphone used for tethering can be used for the internet.

2. Turn off Battery Saver Mode

The following way to overcome the Android hotspot not connecting is because the battery storage mode is on.

Battery saver mode or battery storage when activated, you cannot use the personal hotspot feature.

For that, make sure if you want to use the Wi-Fi hotspot feature, the battery saver mode is off or off.

Turning it off itself is pretty straightforward. You have to scroll down the notification panel and then look for battery saver mode.

Another way you can go to settings and look for the battery menu. If you don’t find it, you can google it and adjust it to your cellphone type.

Oh yes, if you have problems with a wasting Android battery, you can read tips on how to deal with an Android battery that runs out quickly.

3. Restart Hp When Hotspot Can’t Be Activated

It is undeniable that sometimes the Android system experiences errors when executing or executing a command. The causes are diverse and quite complex to explain.

In essence, it is necessary to refresh to ensure that each process works according to its duties and functions. The refresh in question here is to restart or restart your cellphone.

Even though it’s simple, this method effectively overcomes the hotspot that can’t be active.

4. Update Your Android

Now, if you get a system update notification, make sure you update your cellphone to ensure any previous bugs, including the undetected hotspot problem, can be resolved.

This method is straightforward to do and only requires internet quota capital.

However, suppose your cellphone doesn’t get any more updates from the developer. In that case, there are other ways to solve the hotspot not connecting, namely by factory reset or returning your cellphone to its initial state.

But before doing that, it’s a good idea to back up important files on your internal memory because they will all be deleted.

How to Overcome Unable to Tethering Hotspot with Bluetooth

So, if the above methods can’t solve your problem, you can try this last method. Many do not know that on Android phones, there is an internet connection sharing feature using Bluetooth. Now for the steps on how to share the internet via Bluetooth tethering, you can see the following:

Note: The method below may differ for some smartphones, so please adjust it according to your cellphone type.

1. On the cellphone that wants to share the internet, go to settings > network & internet > hotspot tethering > enable Bluetooth tethering. Bluetooth Tethering Android

Samsung hotspot connected but no internet. Why

2. For cellphones that require internet, activate Bluetooth by holding the Bluetooth icon > wait until the device appears (the name is random). Then enable internet access. Internet Sharing Via Bluetooth Tethering Android

how to use mobile hotspot android

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So, those are tips and tutorials on how to deal with a connected Samsung android hotspot, but there is no internet or problems, or Android tethering doesn’t connect. Hopefully, it will be helpful, and if you have any questions, please comment below.

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