Shadowverse Champion’s Battle Redeem Gift Codes

Shadowverse Champion’s Battle Redeem Gift Codes

For those of you who are looking for the Shadowverse Champion’s Battle gift code, here we provide 2 codes that are still active. Update 10 September 2021. Test code is it still active?

The first code gets a Rupees x 1000 prize, and the 2nd code gets classic x 2, Darkness evolved 2, Rise of Bahamut’s,

let’s quickly redeem this gift code before the validity period ends.

Shadowverse Champion’s Battle code


How to Redeem codes for prizes in Shadowverse Champion’s Battle

open games, select network and online Communiation

Shadowverse Champion's Battle Redeem Gift Codes

Select Gift on the next screen

Shadowverse Gift Codes

Enter the code, by selecting enter passcode

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