The Grand Mafia Cheat Codes 2022

Suppose you’re looking for The Grand Mafia Cheat Codes 2022. Then you’ve come to the right place. I will share a cheat code that you can redeem right now in this article.

There are several cheat codes listed below. So please use one after the other. Some codes have a limited validity period and quota. So make sure you are lucky to get it.
The Grand Mafia Review

This game is a strategy category game that you can play smoothly on your cellphone. Developed by a developer named YottaGame. YottaGame makes strategy games, and you could say they are quite experienced in making strategy games.

The Grand Mafia is a massive multiplayer online & real-time strategy game.As a powerful figure in the underworld, you will raise your own gang, recruit Enforcers from different walks of life, command armies of forces, use multiple strategies to defeat your enemies, expand your sphere of influence and work together with other players in your Faction, to ultimately compete for control over your city, and even the whole of Mafia world!

The game features such as unique characters, having different powers, building a business from scratch, creating an online faction with friends, a character upgrade system, and online tournaments.

You will be roaming the city and trying to rule and defeat other gangs. One thing you can do is to increase your resources. You can get these resources by exchanging them for real money. But on this occasion. You can try the latest 2022 cheat code first.

The Grand Mafia Cheat Codes 2022

1zongzi4Use it to get x5 Handcuffs, x2 5K Underboss EXP, x1 25% Metal Production Boost, and x1 5K Training Expander
5Pfinstern23Use it to get x1 Stamina Drink, x2 15-Min Investment Speed-Up and x1 Fireworks
BeginnthierUse it to get 100 Gold, Liquor x5, Handcuffs x5 and Shackles x5
EisessenUse it to get exclusive rewards (New)
En6fants1Use it to get 200 Gold, x2 15m SpeedUp and x1 1K Training Expander
hegem0nyUse it to get Equipment Crate Redemption Coupon x2, 1-Hour Investment Speed-up x1 and 25% Armo Production Boost x1
indday21Use it to get 200 Gold, 100 VIP Points and 10-Min Training Speed-Up x3
IntwomensdayUse it to get 60-Min Investment Speed-Up x1, Gold x100 and 300 Enforcer EXP x2
Jade666Use it to get x1 Narc Dealer Crate, x1 25% Cash Production Boost and x10 Shackle
Jewel1packUse it to get Faction Task Restter x2, 50K Cargo x1, 50K Metal x1 and 100 VIP Points x1
Juil1et4Use it to get 200 Gold x1, Family Building Material Redemption Coupon x5, Fireworks x3 and 1-Hr Speed-Up x1
MafiaPateUse it to get 100 Gold, x1 1 Hour Speed-Up and x10 Handcuffs
May1DayUse it to get 100 VIP Points, x1 25% Cash Production Boost and x1
MothersDayUse it to get 100 VIP Points, x1 1 Hour Speed-Up and x1 Energy Drink
musique621Use it to get 50K Diamonds, x1 20% Crew ATK Boost and x2 Equipment Crate Redemption Coupon
Printemp3Use it to get 30-Min Speed-Up x1, Family Building Material Redemption Coupon x10 and Equipment Crate Redemption Coupon x1
QmTaQingUse it to get x150k Diamonds, x10 Liquor, x1 20% Crew ATK Boost 4hrs and x500k Smelter
RUSDAY12Use it to get x5 300 Enforcer EXP, x1 25% Arms Production Boost and x5 Family Building Material Redemption Coupon
Secritrice777Use it to get Architect’s Crate, x1 15-Min Speed-Up and x1 30-Min Investment Speed-Up
SnowstormNO1Use it to get Shackle x10, Cash x150K and Stamina Drink(Small) x1
StrandundBierUse it to get Stamina Drink (Small) x1, Energy Drink (1K) x1 and 25% Diamond Production Boost x1
Tgmru1Use it to get x1 hour speed-up, x150K Cargo, x100 VIP Points, x150K Cash and x200 Gold
theGovernorswarUse it to get Mob Boss Crate x1, 25% Production Boost (Arms) x1 and VIP Points x100
Vostok1Use it to get x200 Gold, x15 Minute Speed Up, and x1 Energy Drink
welcomeUse it to get x100 Gold, x3 Minute Speed Up and x100 VIP

How to use the redemption code in The Grand Mafia?

You can redeem the code in The Grand Mafia by following the steps below:

  • Start the game and click on the Avatar icon on the top left side of your screen.
  • After that, you need to click on the “Settings” button.
  • And then tap on the “Redeem code” button.
  • Enter the code in the “Enter Redemption Code” text box and tap the “Redeem” button to receive the gift.

How to get The Grand Mafia Cheat Codes 2022 ?

As we mentioned. The redemption code for The Grand Mafia is published in various sources on the internet, ranging from Facebook, online game forums, discord and others. But you don’t need to visit these sites and look for them one by one because the article will continue to update if there is the latest cheat code that we get.

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