Tier List Heroes of The Storm Oktober 2021 Update

tier list heroes of The storm

Tier List Heroes of The Storm is something Hots players (heroes of the storm) need to know. Knowing the Tier List, you can strategize to form a strong team. The chances of winning are great.

There are 89 characters to choose from. Each character/hero has different skills. One hero skill can be mutually supportive or detrimental to the team. Including when facing the opposing team. We can choose a hero for the team that has been compiled by the opponent.

In this game, each heros is classified into each category. Tank, Bruiser, Support, Healer, Melee Assassin, Ranged Assassin.

  • Tank, Heroes who protect their team from potential attacks. They tend to last longer in clashes/team fights than others.
  • Bruiser, Not as defense-oriented than tanks. They also have high damage potential which makes them a good balance between defense and offense
  • Support, Heroes that offer buffs and other utility skills to allies. However, they can also slow down opponents’ advancements through de-buffs as well as other status-changing abilities
  • Healer, Heroes that are focused on healing their allies and mitigating any damage done to them.
  • Melee Assassin, These attackers can inflict massive damage on opponents within close proximity.
  • Ranged Assassin, They attack from a long distance, just like Melee Assassin. They are generally easier to kill (squishier) than their melee counterparts.

Tier List Heroes of The Storm Recent Update


They are often the first to be selected due to their ability to control the game’s flow. They are strong stats . Their highly useful skills give their team an edge in fights.

HeroRole Details
DeathwingBruiserDeathwing’s health pool is large and he also has tough armor. His skills are not very fast, but they strike hard.
Kael’thasRanged AssassinLiving Bomb determines the flow and order of combat. If used correctly, it can disperse enemy troops, making them easier for you to chase down.
XulBruiserXul’s limited mobility is offset by his incredible ability to drive lanes quickly.
AnaHealerAna is an excellent healer. She can keep your group alive while still keeping away from the fight.


The A-tier heroes are great all-rounders and can be paired well with other tiers. These heroes are the most recent meta and many players will be able to use their skills.

HeroRole Details
ChenBruiserChen is tough to kill, and his persistent skills can make it difficult for his opponents.
DehakaBruiserYou can easily eliminate enemies. He can survive on his own by being isolated.
GarroshTankGarrosh is another hero with high armor rating. He can also isolate heroes from opposing teams, making it easier for them to be picked off.
Gul’danRanged AssassinExcellent AoE skills which can clear enemies quickly and have sufficient impact on team fights.
RaynorRanged AssassinRaynor, a tanky offensive character, can survive fights while dealing significant damage. He is beginner-friendly, so it’s no problem having him in your party, regardless if you are a skilled player.
JohannaTankA large amount of health is necessary for survival. Johanna is also able to eliminate waves of enemies much faster than other tanks.
BlazeTankYou can fight alone or in a team. Blaze has the ability to make opponents leave their place with her powerful abilities.
TychusRanged AssassinTychus can be used to chip away at enemies’ health or clear out waves of enemies.
TassadarRanged AssassinSimilar to Tychus, but with a greater range and less efficient wave-clearing abilities.
ImperiusBruiserImperius’ stun skills, high survivability both in solo and group fights, as well as a decent damage output, are all good.
AnduinHealerAnduin’s utility is his ability to not only sustain his teammates’ health, but also save them when needed.
E.T.C.TankE.T.C. stands out because he can adapt to any team. He can be competent in all areas and is a great player for team fights.
LunaraRanged AssassinLunara can be very persuasive because of her poison. Even though it won’t always kill them, they will be more careful when participating in team fights.
FenixRanged AssassinFenix is great for taking potshots at the opponent and clearing out waves of enemies. Solo pushing is possible only if you can warp out of sticky situations.


These heroes are great for team fights, pushing and roaming, or protecting your lanes.

MuradinTankTanks with high self-healing capabilities are always a tough target for enemy teams. Muradin has a powerful stun ability that adds to his versatility.
Anu’barakTankThis tank is great for keeping enemy forces at bay during clashes. Anu’barak, however, is one of the easiest tanks to kill.
ArthasTankArthas is more adept at destroying allies than protecting them. Arthas’s poor mobility, however, limits the impactivity of all this damage.
DiabloTankDiablo’s best work comes from unleashing all of his abilities right at the beginning of team fights. He has the armor and health pool to make it happen, so he is always a problem during clashes.
DeckardHealerDeckard can be used as a healer and damage-dealer. Deckard’s range is good for zoning enemies. AoE strikes also clear waves and keep the opposing team from pushing.
AlarakMelee AssassinAlarak is a skilled assassin. He is an excellent partner with heroes who can roam and pick off single enemies.
AbathurSupportAbathur could be in S-Tier with the right party mix. Abathur has a unique playing style that may not translate well in all matches but works well in pre-made team situations.
AlextraszaHealerThis is a good option if you need a healer capable of effectively zone. Alextrasza has one problem. She isn’t a very skilled healer.
FalstadRanged AssassinIt is useful for positioning himself in fight areas, which gives him an advantage against enemy wanderers.
CassiaRanged AssassinCassia’s greatest weakness is her low range. You must have experience to use Cassia effectively. She has high damage potential, however.
AurielHealerAuriel is situationally great because her healing ability depends on her partner. Auriel needs a team that can strategize with who she brings to the lane.
LeoricBruiserLeoric’s Drain Hope skill is your best option against enemy tank players. He also makes enemy tanks less damage-able, making them more vulnerable to attack during team fights.
MalfurionHealerit can be a decent healer and help to pick off enemy heroes thanks to his Entangle ability.


Ranged AssassinOrphea can do decent damage but is not as explosive, so it is difficult to get kills.
BruiserMalthael can clear waves quickly and efficiently. His simple style makes it easy to defeat him.
Melee AssassinQhira does good damage as a close-combat character but can only be used by skilled players.
TankStitches has a steep learning curve due to his hook, but opponents find him annoying because of his huge health.
HealerStukov’s healing ability is average. His AoE silence can be useful in team fights.
BruiserRagnaros makes a great choice if a player wants to push a lanes and defend it from being attacked.
Ranged AssassinJunkrat’s most important asset is AoE Potshot Damage. Junkrat doesn’t have much to offer without his team.
JainaRanged AssassinJaina has a knack for launching status effects to slow down enemy teams. The skill cooldowns for Jaina are very painful so it is essential to be able to correctly use them.
GreymaneRanged AssassinGreymane’s good burst and decent enemy harassment are always safe choices.
GenjiRanged AssassinGenji is both mobile and can do decent damage. It’s a fun game to play. Genji excels at initiating team battles and getting the jump over enemy teams.
MephistoRanged AssassinMephisto’s AoE abilities make him an acceptable choice for controlling enemy pushinges.
BruiserSonya can be useful in solo-lane due to her high damage and above average durability in fights.
HealerA great burst healer and one of the greatest lockdown skills. Uther works well as a companion and backline support for lanes.
HealerIf you need good healing, consider looking for someone else. Rehgar is best known for his usefulness in battle due to his mobility, decent damage, and mobility.
Ranged AssassinSylvanas is fast to reposition, and she can be a trouble in the backline despite having low damage output.
Bruiseran excellent solo-laner. His downside is the niche advantages that only exist in certain maps.
HealerLucio is a skilled healer. However, his greatest strength is his ability confer movement speed bonuses to his allies.
Ranged AssassinBecause of her annoying Teleport, Li-Ming is a resilient heroine. Although she can do high damage to individual heroes and is quite adept at the wave-clear, she’s not very good at dealing with waves.
Li Li
Healeris a good choice if you are a beginner and want to learn how to be a healer. Li Li can’t be wrong unless you force her to do so, but this also means you won’t always succeed with her.
KerriganMelee Assassinwhile a powerful pony with a few skill combos that can cause massive damage, isn’t very adaptable to different situations.


To make these heroes shine, it will take coordination and good party composition. Only use them if you are asked.

ThrallBruiserThrall is a good choice for crowd control. He is often focused on at team fight start, which reduces his survival rate.
WhitemaneHealerWhitemane’s healing is not like other healers. It is based on how much damage the enemy takes. This is difficult to manage for beginners and increases her risk in team fights.
MaievMelee AssassinMaiev can be a good addition to a team that is focused on her. If you have many AoE skills users, consider using Maiev.
ZaryaSupportZarya can’t deal with any damage. Instead, she excels at mitigating it for allies due to her shield abilities.
YrelBruiserA hero who is focused early in team fights, because her damage can become a nuisance if she’s left alone.
Mal’GanisTankhas a useful ability to harass enemies in his lane, and self-healing. However, he doesn’t have disable skills to make it useful in group combats.
Zul’jinRanged Assassin is a powerful but difficult-to-master weapon with high damage potential.
IllidanMelee AssassinAn experienced player can use him to great effect. He is best when he’s a roamer and has other support heroes.
ZeratulMelee AssassinHigh burst damage but slow animations that precede skills allow opponents to react. Zeratul is very soft.
ArtanisBruiserArtanis is a skilled player who can be frustrating to others, but once they learn his movements and skills, Artanis can be very effective.
ChromieRanged AssassinChromie’s range is decent, making her a good choice for firing at enemy heroes.
BrightwingHealerBrightwing’s Global Travel can be used to reposition the team. Brightwing is subpar as a healer.
D.VaBruiserThis is more of a bait to other teams than a real threat. Her Self-Destruct, which is an excellent denial ability, also affects enemy team members.
Kel’thuzadRanged AssassinHis skill combos can cause incredible damage, but he can’t start or finish off his opponents due to his lack of lockdown skills.
AzmodanRanged AssassinBecause Azmodan can quickly clear waves, opponents need to be careful. Azmodan is not a great performer in team fights.
Sgt. HammerRanged AssassinIt is great for taking pot shots at enemies to harass them, but it is also very easy to kill.
MedivhSupportis one of the most difficult heroes to master. Only a few pre-made squads will be able to use him in fights.
Lt. MoralesHealerExcellent single-target healing. This is an advantage when partnering with roamers. The lack of group healing in the final stages of the match makes Lt. Morales a liability.
TracerRanged AssassinTracer’s health pool is low, so she can’t fight as often. Tracer’s mobility and damage makes her a good choice for finding stragglers after a fight goes down.


VallaRanged Assassincan inflict severe damage on opponents if she is left alone. Her low health means that she needs to be in a team capable of protecting her during team fights.
SamuroMelee AssassinSamuro is great when playing against beginners as they are likely to get confused by his clones. However, this will not be an issue for experienced players.
NazeeboRanged AssassinIf there was ever a late-game hero, this is it. Nazeebo’s weakness lies in his inability to make an impact in battle.
T.L.V.SupportBecause they require extensive micromanagement, the Lost Vikings are only for highly skilled players. They have huge push and zone potential.
NovaRanged AssassinIs simple to use but her true utility lies in her Snipe ability, which often puts her out of place in fights.
TyraelTankTyrael is very useful in combat, but his shields are what make him valuable.
TyrandeHealerTyrael is very useful in combat, but his shields are what make him valuable.
VarianBruisersimple play style makes it easy to understand and use, but also to defeat opponents.
ValeeraMelee AssassinValeera can be useful when you need to concentrate on the most dangerous enemy team member. She is not a good performer by herself so she works better with a roaming assassination team.
KharazimHealerKhazarim can heal his teammates and do some damage during fights. He isn’t unique in any other aspect.
ZagaraRanged AssassinZagara’s contributions to the team are invaluable. She is not as effective in team battles. .


GazloweMelee AssassinHe is good at pushing lanes and zoning his opponents, but he doesn’t do well in clashes. .
The ButcherMelee AssassinThe Butcher will struggle to make an impact on the second half of the match if they are not in control early on.
MurkyMelee AssassinMurky can be frustrating to play early- to mid-game because he’s so soft. However, he does have late-game potential so ensure you farm and strengthen him before then.
Cho’gallRanged AssassinCho’gall is a big man with a strong design. He almost always loses to the opposing team before he can make an impact on the team fight.
ProbiusRanged AssassinProbius needs to be set up properly before he can get any kills. He also has a low health score.

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